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  1. Description of Item : Shure SE425 (Metallic Silver) Condition : 8/10 Selling price : $300 Warranty : Bought on Oct 2010, will provide receipt to the buyer Preferred Location : West/City Hall Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Contact Detail : 96266279 Will throw in an otterbox 1000 to the buyer.
  2. can try the beyerdynamic T50p
  3. Have an around two weeks old 5th Gen iPod Black Nano 8GB for sale. Comes with the box and all the standard accessories that comes with it. Receipt will be provided to the buyer. Also, I will give the buyer a silicon case which I bought from challenger for around 20 over dollars The condition of the nano is mint as I put in the case on the first day. Selling at $165. Interested people can sms me at 96266279 Thanks Below are the pics With casing Without casing
  4. Description of Item : Eddie Current Solid State (ECSS) Headphone Amplifier Condition : 8/10 , Bought from Jaben on 1st Feb 2009 Selling price : $530 Preferred Location : West/City Hall Preferred Mode of Contact : PM
  5. xander

    WTS CDs

    1) Nirvana With the Lights out (4 CD set) - Condition 8/10 - $75 2) Lennon Legend, The Very Best of John Lennon - Condition 8/10 , $10 3) Korn Issues - Condition 7/10 , $8 4) Linkin Park, Meteora - Condition 7/10 , $8 5) Matchbox 20, Mad Season - Condition 7/10 , $8 6) Moby, Play - Condition 7/10 , $8 7) Linkin Park, The Hybrid Theory - Condition 6/10 , $7 8) Eminem , The Marshall Mathers - Condition 6/10 , $7 9) Eminem , The Eminem Show , Condition 6/10 , $7 10) Chinese Cd , see picture below, Conditino 8/10 . $10 Interested people can sms me at 96266279 Thank you
  6. Description of Item : Moon Audio Black Dragon Extension Cable 1.5ft (3.5mm to female mini connector) Condition : 8/10 Warranty : Nil Selling price : 60 Preferred Location : West/City Hall Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS COntact Number : 96266279 More info on the Black Dragon (extracted from Moon audio website) The Black Dragon has been designed to compliment our silver line. We had many requests from our customers who had systems where silver just wasn't an ideal fit. So we set out to make the best possible copper cable per there request. What we ended up with exceeded our wildest dreams. An extremely smooth transparent and not all together to warm cable. For years our hearing tastes have always driven me in the direction of silver. I have never quite gotten in to the sound of copper. Well that has now changed. I tried to build a cable that gave me the great detail and presence of silver but also provided me with the smooth jazzy sound of copper. The Black Dragon does just that. Only your ears can be the judge. We went back to our old copper version of the Blue Dragon and greatly expanded on it. We took what we learned from the Silver Dragon Speaker cables. Where we developed just the right ratio of different size stranding to optimize the sound. What we ended up with was the same geometry as the Blue Dragon but with an increase size in gauge and switching from solid core copper to a special stranded geometry. The stranding are all 99.9999% high quality low crystalline structure pure copper. We continued to use Teflon coating, as it is an obvious best dielectric. We then cover it in a protective layer of Techflex and solder your connector of choice. For the mini connection option, we continued with the great success of the Neutrik and Switchcraft. But offer several other choices. The end result is amazing.... Tivoli and shure are sold.
  7. @blackmouth0 what do you use to burn in ?
  8. A pair will cost $7.50..
  9. A quick impression on the Astello(with comply) using Rockbox 5.5Gen ipod headphone out and flac flies. Had a brief listen to Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton Unplugged, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 ..The Astello is a pretty detail earphones, I would say the Astello tends a little more to the bright side.. The vocals are not bad, the texture is there. Bass can go deep. The Astello can handle classical music, the soundstage and separation is there.. The only problem of the Astello is the isolation is not that good. For $59, it is definitely a steal and a good back up earphone.
  10. Bought one today, definitely very very value for money earphone !
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