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  1. Yeah!! No more "eee" sound from headphone after using isolation transformer. Thank you all for advice. Merry X'mas!
  2. Hi all, I isolated the power line to my bedroom by switch off all the breaker except my room and the main breaker. I also disconnected all other connection in my room and left the power cord to the amp plugin only. The "eee" sound still there . So I'm quite sure the noise signal is coming from outside of my house. What should I do next? Will Isolation transformer work? Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for reply! I Just did the listening without the problem at 2am. I'll do some troubleshooting coming weekend try to isolate the culprit if any. Do u think isolation transformer will help if I really can't identify the root cause?
  4. Hi all, I can hear a low "eee" sound from my headphones as long as my headphone amp's power cord plug to wall power point without turning ON the amp and without the source connected. I've try to connect to different wall power point in my house but the results are all bad. So i bring the same headphone and amp to friend's home to test and no similar problem found. My next plan is to try isolate the power line that i use to see is there any interference from other home appliances. One thing i notice is this noise will become intermittent or go away if i do the listening after 1am which i usually do. From 9pm-1am the noise is quite consistent. Is anyone encounter the same problem before and how to solve it? Do you think a power filter or isolation transformer will help in my case? My headphones are Senn HD600 and AKG K701, amps are Earmax-pro and Yamamoto HA-02. The power distributor that i use is Tacima CS929. Thanks for your help.
  5. kooncm

    Which amp?

    But Earmax Pro cannot handle K701. I get a Yamamoto HA-02 recently and it did a fantastic job with K701 and HD600.
  6. I think you are better off by spending all $200 to a better iem instead of separate it for earphone and amp. I think the sound quality of $100 earphone and $100 amp may not equal to a $200 earphone/iem. Just my $0.02.
  7. I think Jaben in Adelphi carry DV amp. I saw 337, 332 on display down there.
  8. I think Grado is very good even without amp. At least my SR-325i did.
  9. I back to Singapore with the ALO HFI-780J. We can arrange to meet up if you want to audit it. I'm stay in Woodlands.
  10. That is great. Looking forward for your impression on iQube and ALO-HFI780. I personally feel that they are sound good and i like it when the iQube set to high gain.
  11. I only have iQube and iBasso D1 with me right now because I'm oversea. I mainly using iQube with it and feed the iQube using D1 DAC connected to my laptop.
  12. I used them as my home can. The cable is thick, heavy and not very flexible to me. I mainly using IEM for protable.
  13. Yup. I got mine for about USD609 include shipping. I really like this ALO-HFI780. It is sound so good with rock and pop even better than my Grado SR325i and much comfortable as compare to it. The bass is tight and deep, soundstage also larger and sound like an open headphone. I think i like it more as compare to my HD600 also.
  14. I set the volume to maximum when I try to amp my Creative DAP through headphone out. I feel that I getting better result this way.
  15. Yup. I just audited one yesterday at Jaben.
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