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  1. Agree on the Grados, give them a listen. I am listening to my MS2 right now driven by RSA Hornet, very dynamic and easy to drive. The sound is very live, just like being right in the middle of the music. Only problem is the ear pads which presses on your ears, not as comfortable as the circumaurals.
  2. You can try the classifieds in the Echoloft forums for good second hand ICs. These would have been burned in and you can get relatively good ones for the price. My personal favourite was the Nordost Blue Heavens.
  3. Thanks! You are right! I posted on Headfi and got very relevant replies within the hour, with pics of the K1000s plugged into the Almarro no less! But I still like this site, got a very local flavour and lots of advice on portable stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!
  4. Any forumers out there using Almarro Integrated Tube amps? How are they? I recently stumbled upon the rather small A205A MkII amp from Almarro that comes with an XLR jack specifically for K1000s. As I am new to the K1000, any owners out there can advise on whether this will be a good amp for the earspeakers. Reason I am asking is that the Almarro apparently puts out only 5WPC whereas some forumers have remarked that the K1000 needs at least 7WPC. Another issue is the XLR mod, plugging the hardwire part of the K1000 into the amplifier would negate 10ft or so of the other part of the cable. I understand as well that the K1000 need at least 8ft of cable to sound optimal. Essentially, I am looking for a smallish integrated amp to drive my K1000, preferably tubes, so if the Almarro is OK, will probably make a beeline for it. Thanks!
  5. 2 weeks of listening to my ER4s, including some 50 hours of burning in with the XLO Burn-In Disc and I must say that the sound is nothing short of wonderful! I also found that I managed to attach my custom earmolds from my Westones onto the Etys and I can get an even better seal. I can safely say that the bass is startin' to slam! The extension down to the lower frequencies is also not lacking. Highly recommended! Oh yes, on the microphonics, I find that clipping the splitter to your collar directly behind your neck and running the two cables from the back helps to eliminate the problem.
  6. Arigato gozaimasss! I better buckup, I just realised that I am not a Newbie anymore!
  7. Wow! The Panasonics look quite nice! Anyone has them and can describe the sound? Should be perfect for Simple cos can get in 3 different colors so the girls won't fight!
  8. Anyone can explain how to attach pictures into posts like these? Something like the post your setup thread, tried doing that but somehow cannot stick the pictures...Little help?
  9. Got a pair of ER4S from Jaben. After just 2 days of listening I can say that I am totally converted to the Etys sound. Wonderfully transparent, clear highs and I must say accurate (but not slammin') bass. They are also amazingly small and light. My only gripe is that the microphonics still plague the cable from the splitter upwards. Now I don't know what to do with my UM2s! Anyone wants? Oh, and I got a discount from Unc W.
  10. The Adelphi Shopping Centre is probably the best place to go. Can spend the whole day there auditioning the low end to the high end. Sim Lim Square also got a few shops, including Hung Bros. There are some 2nd Hand shops in Katong as well. Of course, can check out Absolute Sound in Singapore Shopping Centre if you are into Highend, Flatearth type of sound. Have fun! For our international friends, Adelphi is along Coleman Street, map can be found in the following link: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site_12949/ Just in case, I am not a shopowner or have any economical interest in Adelphi other than spending lots of money there, so rest easy!
  11. Hmmm, maybe I'll leave my Grados alone then. Perhaps look for an old HD650 to re-terminate... Then again, what Tyll Hertsens of Headroom Corporation said may be true. If so, my Max Headroom may have some problems as I am using a Naim CDX as source. This means the signal will go from DIN to phono to balanced! This may really screw it up! Anyone got balanced cans to loan me to prove this theory? I can attempt to write a review after that...
  12. Thanks. Now the problem is if I do re-terminate, I cannot use my SR325s with my portable setup anymore! Another thing, if by re-terminating, would the Grados benefit from any other types of cables? And if so, what types and who can do the re-cabling?
  13. Is this with the colour or black and white screen? Can I use the standarad Itunes for Mac to transfer music? Can PM me your price, thanks!
  14. I read somewhere that soldering may affect the properties of the conductor close to where you solder due to the high heat. Not very sure on that, but what I did was to use a hairdryer to heat the heat shrink tube, may take a longer time but at least the tube shrinks nicely with no visible marks. I did this with my power cable plugs. You will need a tube just about twice the diameter of your cable so when it shrinks, it becomes a tight fit and won't slide up and down.
  15. Anyone can advise where to buy those headphone hangers to hang my Stax to my hifi rack? Wanna make it look more pro before posting my setup...hee!
  16. Thanks, but looks like my Ipod Nano 4gig won't cut it! Need to shop for more gigs!
  17. Hi all, I got a Max Headroom amp with balanced connections sitting around. Anyone can tell me the benefits of balanced vs the normal headphone jacks? Should I re-cable my new SR325s to balanced to take advantage of this? Xtreme newbie here, thanks!
  18. Anyone can explain how to download music in lossless format into my Ipod? I am using a Mac. Newbie here !
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