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  1. check for u if my brother wanna sell, will get him to sms u if he wants too.
  2. Black mind already set for akg701
  3. **MOD WARNING** Please read the rules, no comments or discussions allowed in Classifieds.
  4. ops sorry.... wrong info... got to make a change.. thx heady you are right is 4700nf! dead meat i can't edit my previous post
  5. lol yup it was a 50pcs bulk order.... didn't saw that.
  6. Haha, what e hack sia.... farnell anyhow place the pricing.
  7. Hi Sean! this is polypropylene type capacitor. The different is there is no (+) or (-) on it, u can use either direction.[attachmentid=3966] This cap brought at SLS
  8. was at farnell website looking thur some op-amp, happen to saw this chip AD797ANZ by analog devices. It Cost $599.19 for just 1 Pcs of this IC.... What darn expensive.... anyone has use this chip before? sorry for being sua ku.
  9. [attachmentid=3965] Bro add it here! btw your capacitor use wrongly wor for the 4.7uf (aka 470nf) should be Polypropylene type. which has no + or - Sign on the cap de. as for ur power supply there the smaller cap also wrong wor. The power supply there also polypropylene type not Electrolytic type. The bigger cap is correct. If let say your headphone compatible issue then might need to try out different gain. as you can see the 120k ohm resistor right. u can try change it to 90k ohm resistor. so the break down is.... 1st add the R5 (100 Ohm) to remove the Hiss. after the that u see if you are happy with it a not. IF NOT.... then change the caps and try listen to it, if everything is fine then leave it at it is. if not carry on with the changing of the gain level by swaping the 120k ohm to 90k ohm.
  10. After 1 day of listening to TL072, My final conclusion is, Opa 2227 is still better , for my point of view, Amplifier = Amplified the sound to a louder volume without much change of the original sound from the source. Both chip has good soundstage and detail. But when come to full knot of the volume the TL072 has a cut off somewhere at 3/4 full turn whereby opa2227 has not cut off till full turn. So in term of this I would prefer OPA2227 is a better chip then TL072. Just my 2Cent to share with you guy who has the intention to select chip among this 2.
  11. I understand that most people will find OPA2227 is the best fit IC for CMOY. But recently I try out this TL072 on CMOY circuit, seem that TL072 has a better detail and soundstage then OPA2227. Anyone out there has try TL072? Please give some comment.
  12. Recently i have try the TL072, their sound so close... seem like TL072 has a slightly better detail and soundstage then opa2227. Anyone has any comment on this?
  13. make sure ur gounding is connected properly, e.g pot ground, power gnd and source gnd is connected together. there is a kind of cable with both end is the same like ur headphone plug.
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