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  1. Many Gadgets For Sale – pm or email me at stjoemail@gmail.com 2. Samsung YP-S5 (PMP player) 4GB - Integrated speakers, amazing sound, Bluetooth, DNSe 2.0 - Multimedia content supported - Mint & good working condition, screen protected since day 1 (no scratch at all) - $100 (no more warranty) 3. Sony HWS-BTA2W - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver - Dual usage Transmitter/Receiver to connect with Non-Bluetooth™ Portable Music Player to transmit or receive music wirelessly - Compatible with Bluetooth™ version 2.0 - Capable of Bluetooth™ Wireless connection of Audio Stereo Streaming, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) - Website: http://www.sony.com.sg/product/hws-bta2w - Mint and good working condition - Retail Price: $149 - Asking: $90 (no more warranty) 4. Panasonic RP-HJE70 – - High quality neodymium noise isolation earphone - Website: http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electro...odel.RP-HJE70-S - Mint and good working condition - $75 (no more warranty) 6. Sony Digital Voice Recorder – Cheap and functional - Good working condition - $30 (no more warranty) 7. Plantronics Voyager 855 - Bluetooth stereo earphone - Mainly selling for stereo plug-in cable - see pic 2 (as main unit not working properly) - No more warranty - $15 (no more warranty) 8. SonicGear SR300 - Bluetooth stereo headset - Bluetooth receiver is working but display not working - $15 (no more warranty)
  2. the wood style looks retro ...
  3. that's the problem with online purchase unless the goods you purchase has international warranty with local SG address listed ..
  4. why dont you look at cowon j3 or samsung yp-m? both have good reviews ..
  5. anyone has experience with Sennheiser bluetooth headphones. is it good? just few days ago, went to Tangs at Orchard, Sennheiser counter has promo, they are selling bluetooth headset at promo price. tempted to buy one.
  6. did they do hearing test by playing different tones and ask you to press a button if you can hear the tone? or just check using headlamp to see any blockage? the best is to do hearing test .. then you will know if your left and right ear have normal hearing sensitivity or not
  7. can get Sennheiser for a start, they have wide range of model and prices
  8. try to check Tangs Orchard level 3 for Sennheiser. They have all year round discount if you are using Tangs Citibank CC
  9. Anyone know what is the cheapest price and where to get cowon J3 in SG? I found Furle selling 16G version at $419.
  10. go to TTS clinic for hearing test, you can know if your left and righ ears are still in the normal hearing range .. if I recalled correctly, last time was around $80
  11. I saw in PC Show recently, now they got stereo mini speaker like capsule and can be separated to 2 speaker becomes stereo
  12. I bought Audio Technica ANC-7 previously from Amazon US. Shipped using VPost. Total still cheaper about $100.
  13. Anyone own the above PMP player? How is the sound of built-in speaker? Saw it was selling for $209 for 16G, tempted to buy but not sure if built-in speaker is good
  14. best is to use the cloth to clean spectacles .. can buy from Daiso one ..
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