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  1. Brisrascal

    Chevin Amps

    Anyone here used Amps from the above company before? How are their sound like? Need feedback before putting down money for them. Are they good value for money?
  2. Brisrascal

    Damaged PCB

    Yep, sure is. Have not been getting consistent readings so am thinking that the line is busted.
  3. Brisrascal

    Damaged PCB

    The other side of the pin is occupied by the pot that is on the last pic. I was thinking of jumpering a wire from that middle pin it where it teminates (which is on the tube socket) however am not particularly sure of its effect as the pot is used to adjust the voltages heading/coming from it. The setup is from a uncompleted tube preamp project that I was thinking of restarting again. Anyone know of a place where i can send it to for final touch up? Still thinking of working out the cabinet design and fabricating it.
  4. Brisrascal

    Damaged PCB

    [attachmentid=4635] [attachmentid=4636] [attachmentid=4637] Attached are the images of the PCB in question. Will work out how to post it online soon. Considered jumping it but its connected to the tube connector so am not too sure as to whether it will work. Therefore did not go ahead.
  5. Brisrascal

    Damaged PCB

    Tried that but the hole happens to end at a trimmer pot position so its a bit difficult to just jumper it. Any ideas?
  6. Brisrascal

    Damaged PCB

    Anyone knows of how i can repair the PCB of a DIY Preamp?? I messed up one of the holes trying to desolder it.