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  1. Sorry, not selling the power supply separately.
  2. Audeze LCD-2 Ver 2 (SOLD) Condition : 9/10 Warranty : Bought sometime in Dec 2012; about 2.5 years left (lost receipt but in the process of getting a copy from Stereo) Selling price:$ Preferred Location : City Hall Preferred Mode of Contact : sms 85000267 Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear (Not Diamond Edition) comes with PSU-1 and Oyaide Figure 8 Cable (SOLD) Condition : 8/10 Warranty : Nil Selling price : $ Preferred Location : City Hall Preferred Mode of Contact : sms 85000267 Reason for selling: Switched to Speaker System
  3. WTS: LCD-2 REV 1 Sold to a nice gentleman.
  4. Led IV and Who's Next would surely be in the top "Classic Rock" list...the list above is a list for "Progressive Rock".
  5. FS: Sennheiser HD-800 Condition: SOLD Price: SOLD Please contact: SOLD. Thank you.
  6. X2 Good Album! Got mine from New Disc Village.
  7. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    Another addition to the TT... Before: After:
  8. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    I am sure there will be improvements, but nothing like switching it to an outboard PSU. This should be the first mod, IMHO, that should be done for the Technics TT. The internal power PCB, transformer, and regulator add a lot of noise.
  9. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    This is the inside of the Technics SL-12xx series...with the internal transformer, regulator and PCB assembly... After the installation of new bearing and external psu...and discarding the internal transformer, regulator, and PCB assembly...
  10. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    Not a whole lot of DIY actually...replacing the bearing is pretty easy... this youtube clip is very instructive in how to get to the bearings. replacing the psu takes some effort and some soldering involved...but also not too hard with instructions found here... http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8118 For mine, opted to remove the transformer and power PCB assembly as well...
  11. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    Have just installed these onto my Technics SL-1210M5G...and I must say, the improvement is quite substantial Mike New's Bearing replacement for Technics: http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5135 Time Step External PSU for Technics Turntables: http://www.soundhifi.com/sl1200/SL1200%20PSU.htm
  12. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    Mini me tt from McDonald's kiddy's meal... And you can do scratching on it too... Pretty dangerous one too...
  13. Kachui

    Vinyl camp

    Added the MJ12 mat to my rig...
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