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  1. The SRH 440 is a good buy. Try it!
  2. There is also a little shop at the Victoria Concert Hall dedicated to classical music. You can get some lesser known labels with less familiar artists and orchestras. Some are so-called modern pieces. Nevertheless, all are worth a listening to. A promising trend is the film scores with symphonic music. Music scores from epic films (eg 'Lord Of The Ring") and popular games (eg Final Fantasy) seem to enthrall the younger generations. I believe there is always a place for good classical music.
  3. HMV is presently the best place to go for a wide selection of classical music. A lot of re-issue of past master recordings or varied compilations of popular pieces. Younger generations of artists are not only marketing their skills but also their looks. An attractive image is the selling point now. Sad that classical music is withdrawing back to the concert halls. Let's hope classical music will not be for the elite only.
  4. Any good? I love Nigel in the Elgar's piece though.
  5. iggyting


    Hi folks! if you are willing to sell the above CD, please sms me. Thank you, iggyting (96169470)
  6. Good for you folks who can think this way. For me, and also many, the joy is in the whole 'package' where tool and result come off really well, when man and his tool is one, the holistic experience. regards to all
  7. iggyting


    Hi Folks! Anyone willing to sell the Sacred Treasures series, individually or a lot? CD should be in good working condition, not necessary pristine, and priced reasonably. Thanks, iggyting (sms 96169470).
  8. iggyting

    Susan Boyle

    Marvellous! Susan smoothens out Elain's redition and notches a pitch higher. Elain sounds a tag more emotional while Susan, a soaring defiance in the tone. Both reditions are welcome!
  9. I have a similar problem. Wonder a patch-up will do! regards
  10. Agree! Askenasy's reading of Rachmaninov's 2nd Concerto was well-paced, neither languid nor plodding, melodious. A definative romantic interpretation.
  11. Hi, I would like to join in the good company and to "look see, look see"
  12. Hi Folks, selling the MF tubeamp bought in 5/4/08 in 8+ cond at $380/= or any reasonable offer. Presently using a Stax system. So the item is sparingly used. A very good headamp, able to drive most headphones. regards, iggyting (96169470) ps: Thanks everybody! Item is sold!
  13. Hi Folks! If you find the voice of Sarah Brightman a pitch too high for your liking go for that of Hayley Westerna, a New Zealander songtress. Her voice has that musical pitch which renders any song an added ethereal 'feel'. Take the song "Will It Be" from LOTR. Enya, the original singer, gives it a 'magical' rendition. But Hayley's version is also a welcome addition. She is wonderful to hear and a beauty to behold. Try her lastest album "The best Of Hayley Westerna". regards
  14. The older x-can V3 is good enough. I think you pay more for the v8 for an additional usb input.
  15. Hi All, in times of recession one can lose everything but not his or her sense of humour! Anyone to share a joke about the musical world or the world of headpohone? How about this for a start : "Your headphone is very musical, but what's in between is not sound!". Not bad a complement eh!!!
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