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  1. Hi guys as above. Any1 here knows any good models for earphones with microphone for handphones?
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the replies Another question, any1 knows roughly how much does the iAudioT2 and iAudio7 cost at the shops in Sim Lim Square? Sorry for being lazy
  3. Thread pretty much says it all. Where can I get Cowon products in Singapore? Thanks.
  4. Sooo what do I need to know? I'm just worried if my current desktop is unable to power them so yea, how does soundcards, etc would affect the sound quality of the speakers?
  5. I just bought this microphone, it's an audio technica AT9830 and I think my computer can't work with this microphone. Initially I thought the mic is broken so I sent it back to the shop and they had it tested on their voice recorder and it works! So I tried it on my friend's computer and it works too so how the hell can I get this working on my computer? I'm currently using another microphone, it's from Genius and it's working fine so my pc's mic jack thingy is not spoilt, well I hope it isn't anyways, so yea any help here? Alright the next question is I'm doing a recording of myself and the program I'm using is Audacity (it's a freeware audio program). So after recording the piece and replaying it, I hear this bzzst sound in the background, I think that's what people call noise? So how do I eliminate or at least minimize the noise? Oh both microphones I'm talking about are one of those clip-ons mics. Aaanndddd I'm sorry if this is not the right place to put this thread in so mods if necessary please move the thread to the appropriate forum, thank you
  6. I went to SE for replacement pads for my k81 too and they don't sell it so I have to assume is that we have to get it directly from AKG? Edit: Oh yea does any1 here knows how to deodorize leather ear pads? Haven't tried anything yet but I'm just looking for suggestions. Just bought a pair of earpads to replace my old spongy pads for my k412p and yea from my experience of K81, it is going to stink but when, time will tell :/
  7. Super dinosaur bump! Why not try the K81 from AKG? Good sound and nice bass. Grado's MS1 is good but abit warm on the ears lol Edit: lol I din't even know I've posted in thread.... man I'm such an ^&*(
  8. Guys have no love for AKG headphones? :/
  9. Yea their service is awesome, it's really hard to find their kind of service in SG tbh, not that I'm aware of anyways.
  10. Thread title says it all, I listen to alot of trance and some slow rock. My budget is about $300max, any recommendations? Heard cowon is awesome and I don't wanna get anything from Apple since their products seems to be overpriced so yea, thanks in advanced.
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