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    Sennheiser HD800
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    Woo Audio WA6 with pseudo-dual power supply Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B rectifier tube
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    HRT Music Streamer II+ (Headphone) Zero One Audio AR38 DAC (Main)
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    Primare I30 Amp & Harbeth C7ES3 Anti-IC interconnects, Supra Sword speaker cables (custom shielded) Furutech Formula 2 USB cable Oyaide & Belden powercords

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  1. sonq

    WA6 Tube Amp

    I have some offers to trade. I'm not into headphones anymore, so is not keen to trade. Thanks.
  2. Woo Audio WA6 Amp (Silver) Condition: 9/10 This is the latest version with Pseudo-dual power supply Upgraded 274B retifier tube with Pricess Sophia Mesh Plate, a $200 option which you'll need to get anyway near its full potential. $720 Contact John at sonq99@gmail.com
  3. Some of their audio products are pretty good value. It's just that their marketing people sucks...no presence in any headfi forum.
  4. HRT MS2+ USB DAC - $360 Hardly used and in great condition Review: http://highresolutiontechnologies.com/reviewPdf/hifiplus_issue_72.pdf Please email me at sonQ99@gmail.com. Self-collect around OneNorth MRT. Thanks.
  5. 3" Long and mint condition with less than 20 hrs on it and selling at $95 (self collect) Here's a review: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue60/moon_audio.htm Please contact me at sonQ99@gmail.com
  6. All hardly used and is in good condition HRT MS2+ USB DAC - $360 Furutech Formula 2 USB cable (1.2m) - $75 I hardly visit this site, so please email me at sonQ99@gmail.com. Self collect. Thanks
  7. My apology for not replying to most of the mails asking to sell the components separately. It's too much of a hassle to sell piece by piece at the moment as I'm really tied up with work; that's why I'm selling to begin with. Most of the components and cables are well reviewed and I've attached the system image. The components are well matched as a system for classical or acoustic music. There are no scratches or dinks that I'm aware of and have very low usage. Thanks.
  8. Selling whole system together at $2,900 Just play through your PC via USB cable. All hardly used and is in good condition with original boxes. Sennheiser HD800 headphone Woo Audio WA6 amp (new version with PDPS) HRT MS2+ USB DAC Moon Audio Bule Dragon V3 (5") HD800 cable Princess Sophia 274B tube (upgrade for rectifier tube) Furutech Formula 2 USB cable (1.2m) I hardly visit this site, so please email me at sonQ99@gmail.com. Thanks.
  9. Review: http://www.whathifi.com/review/formula-2 3 or 4 month old at $85 for 1.2m contact: sonq99@gmail.com Deal in One-North MRT office hour
  10. Check out this review http://www.head-fi.org/t/571005/the-panaso...-than-the-hd650
  11. Check out HRT music streamer series of USB DAC.
  12. Bought a budget audiophile USB cable a few weeks ago and finally unpacked and setup my headfi system in the office during lunch. The improvement in SQ is quite obvious...interest regained. At least for now.
  13. Main thing is that they sound good even with good budget amps. Back to phones, I may experiment with USB cables on my USB Dac and phone cables for fun if I have time during the holiday season...sometimes, the fun is in tinkering around...
  14. I know what you mean. I listen mainly to acoustic jazz, chamber and vocals, so reproducing the mid range realistically is most important for me; hence my choice of Harbeth speakers. Anyway, as you pointed out, the cost of reproducing full range accurately will be insane for most.
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