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    Work: Foobar > Ibasso D2 Boa > Grado SR80<br />Residence: Marantz CD5001 > Darkvoice 337 > AKG K701<br />Genre: Female Vocal; Classical Instrument
  1. Not sure if any interest. Cost of a pair - USD35 Shipping Cost - depends on number of pair ordered. I am going ahead to order next week 15 Feb. Any interest to share shipping cost, pls email me: rcyt [at] yahoo [dot] com . Tks.
  2. as Kachui recommended, do try out Grado SR80. But note that it is opened.
  3. The HMV previously at Hereen had a section full of classical. New HMV is at the new shopping mall opposite Centrepoint, can't remember the name. Not sure if their Classical section remains.
  4. I just bought two pairs of Shure from Stereo Electronics Plaza Singapura. That is after testing it and comparing it with few other phones, including several Sennheiser. I found the sound not as warm as Senn, but overall more balanced. Highs, mids and lows are discernibly good. I bought for Sis and Bro-in-law. They are using for TV sets. One good thing about the Shure is that it is relatively easy to drive compared to Senn, i.e. suitable for TV set and laptop. Can't remember model off hand, but I can check. It is closed, and very comfortable. It is also way below your budget of $150.
  5. Woo hoooo !!!!! Very rare stuff!
  6. Emailed them, they have many 6SJ7, but just dun have Tung Sol mesh plate . Those interested will need to look elsewhere.... Yup, they are good tubes for DIY projects.
  7. You should probably go audit it personally to make sure you like the sound signature (may bring your cans and CDs), and to do any check you like.
  8. neutralzz: Are you using any equipment that uses that ultra rare tubes? Or keeping it to see the price rise in the future?
  9. You said it. The bass out of Maverick on my cans has never ever been traced on my limited past amps. That explains why my jaws were on the carpet when I first heard the Maverick.
  10. Chip in my 2 cents here. Before that, thanks to Maverick Team Leader who loaned the unit to me. I have never heard my k701 responding so willingly and lively before. Wow. Like many reviews above, the headphone amp department packed a punch. It easily kick up storm on my K701 and DT880 (600hms). The prat and speed is obviously there. Compared to my Zero stock headphone amp, Maverick is miles ahead in term of power. Compared to my Darkvoice 337, well, shouldn't be compared at all some may say, since the DV337 cost much more. I'm not saying that Maverick is ideal, but for that price .... I can't ask for too much. I have only briefly listened to the DAC department, not enough to make comments. Finally, it is unknown if the amp and dac will or will not improve upon further run-in; as with many other audio equipments, they probably will. I'm done with Maverick, looking to audit more toys.....
  11. either way will do. I'll put my zero to probably get thrashed by the maverick.
  12. Now that interest me.....
  13. WTB: Grado Headphones - RS1 Kindly send me a PM with the details (price, age, warranty status, form and function conditions, and servicing history if any). Thank you very much.
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