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  1. wwenze

    Put your old IDE cdrom to good use

    Interesting, a CD-ROM drive so old it has I2S. Can tap to send to a better DAC.
  2. wwenze

    how to add this into foobar?

    That is a VST plugin, to use those you need to download the VST wrapper for foobar: http://pelit.koillismaa.fi/plugins/show.php?id=213
  3. wwenze

    Fake porta pros from China... =X

    Do they sound better or worse?
  4. wwenze

    Problem with headphone on computer

    My statement was directed at TS's case of the sound card being unable to drive headphones properly. For your case you might want to check with this: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml
  5. wwenze

    Problem with headphone on computer

    Maybe your laptop's sound just lousy.
  6. wwenze

    Repair For Mini 3

    What you should be checking is whether turning the pot has any effect on the signal eventually reaching the amp chip. Place your probes on pin 5 of the chip and this pin on your pot It should read 10k at min volume and ~330 at max. Also, the two topmost pins of the pot (with respect to the diagram), check that the resistance between them is zero regardless of pot position. This could be just a simple case of broken solder.
  7. wwenze

    Maverick Audio DAC

    Do let know the outcome, thx.
  8. wwenze

    Maverick Audio DAC

    What you described is a quite common occurrence for USB DACs - a power surge from turning on/off something else knocks out the DAC and you need to cut the power and on it again - which disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable does. IMHO a well-designed equipment shouldn't be affected by this, but seeing many anecdotes of this happening and owning two DACs with this problem I'd say this is pretty normal. Maybe your stereo amp and headphones are just too powerful. Add: It's possible both ways - that your unit is more sensitive or it happens across all units, if in doubt test with another unit.
  9. wwenze

    question about blackgate caps

    A few years for it to get noticeable. ESR starts to increase, then capacitance drops.
  10. wwenze

    How to post CDs in the mail?

    I posted before; put in normal case (jewel case) and throw in envelope. The receiver was to burn and perform error scans on the DVD+Rs in question and he did not note anything abnormal.
  11. wwenze

    RCA cable as Digital Coax?

    AES/EBU is either 110-ohm shielded TP or 75-ohm coaxial. It does not use 110-ohm coaxial.
  12. wwenze

    RCA cable as Digital Coax?

    1) Google 2) The 75-ohm coaxial cable "standard" (IIRC it was never really defined but just followed for convenience) is used in phono, composite, component, and SPDIF with RCA connector, and used with many others with other connectors including TV, AES/EBU, and ethernet.
  13. wwenze

    RCA cable as Digital Coax?

    Most if not all RCA should be 75 ohms, analogue or digital, video or audio.
  14. wwenze

    KOK Sub-Woofer

    KOK is one of those brands "you can find being sold here but you'll never find its info nor its manufacturor's info". The name is probably a mimick of KRK? I dunno, but they also produce audio switches and mixers so I don't think they're a small wannabe company. Don't expect them to be very expensive.
  15. wwenze


    Ok lar, at 0.3A current draw to drop 5.7V will only result in 1.71W, doubt you'll need a big heatsink for the LM317 if you're using TO-220 package, or just screw to case will do. If you got the TO-220 version that is.