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  1. Hi, For those who wants a cheap and good headphone amplifier to go with your portable devices, you can check out the newly released Sound Blaster E1. During the PC Show, it's going for just $29 online! You need to register if you don't already have an account though. Here's the link. http://sg.creative.com/pcshow/online/starbuys.aspx The classic Creative Aurvana Live! is also going for a nice $59. Do check them out! Regards CK
  2. Hi, Helping a friend sell a brand new in-box Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 in-ear earphones. More info here: http://sg.store.creative.com/headphones-he.../437-20490.aspx These retails for S$199, selling for S$150. Some pics (not actual product) Regards CK
  3. TF10 is the short name for Ultimate Ear's TripleFi 10 earphones. I am not sure about the reshelling though. I guess it's to replace the original shells (casing?) that they came in? Regards CK
  4. Hi, I am sure most are familiar with this. In most music videos which feature the artiste in a recording studio wearing headphones and singing, very often we see them with one or both hands pressing on the earcup(s). I always wonder if this is for show or is the mix level in the phones so low that they have to press the cups to hear properly? In which case they should tell the sound engineer to up the volume a little. For an example of what I am talking about, see the latest MV for "Home", with the Dr. Dre Beats Audio headphones prominently featured. Regards CK
  5. I believe it's $700-800 odd? Regards CK
  6. I bought the K702 from an Amazon.com seller for only US$250 and shipped it to my hotel when I was in US. That's a whole lot cheaper than the local price. I think even if you factor in the shipping cost to Borderlinx/Vpost/etc it's still cheaper than the local price. Mine has 8 bumps in the headband, didn't find it uncomfortable at all. BTW it has now dropped to US$244.55. http://www.amazon.com/AKG-K702-Open-Back-H...82060497&sr=1-1 Regards CK
  7. Hi, Selling a 2+ year old Xiang Sheng 708B Headphone Amplifier. This can also be used as a pre-amplifier. SOLD Specs: - Input Impedance: 100KΩ - Pre amp output impedance: 50KΩ - THD: ≤0.01% - Frequency response: 20Hz-30KHz ± 1dB (10to30K) - Headphone Output: 500mW-240mW(32Ω-600Ω) (500-200mW) - S/N: 90dB (89dB) - Input: 1 set RCA - Output: 1 set RCA, 1xΦ6.5mm phone jack - Pre-amp Output Impedance: 50K Actual photo: Regards CK
  8. Hi, Selling the above 2 IEMs. Both are over a year old and out of warranty. 1. Westone UM-1 $80 obo. SOLD! Comes with the case, additional spare Comply tips (1 pair of small, 2 pair of large), and earwax cleaner. 2. Audio Technica ATH-CK7 $60 obo. SOLD! Comes with the pouch and spare silicone tips. Please email me at chengkiang(at)hotmail(dot)com or pm if interested. Thanks. Regards CK
  9. Yes, it's still there, in a semi-dedicated room together with jazz. I miss the days when HMV Heeren had a classical-only room and with the great-sounding Spendor speakers. Regards CK
  10. Sadly, classical music here is on the decline. Soon we will need to buy online. Look at the sad state of affairs at the classical section of Borders. Regards CK
  11. Hi, Looks like there is a "correct" way to put in the cables, at least for UE. http://www.ultimateears.com/_ultimateears/...e-the-Cable.pdf Regards CK
  12. I also dunno what's the difference. I totally missed the deal, but a friend who bought 2 sets let me have one of them. It's a steal at US$99. Logitech and UE's website does not seem to list the pro. Interestingly, the page title for UE's TF10 page says "Pro" but the page itself doesn't. http://www.ultimateears.com/_ultimateears/...iplefi10pro.php Regards CK
  13. Hi, 1. mouz - 1 set 2. stephen chung - 1 set 3. jtjy - 1 set 4. blippster - 1 set 5. CCBong - 1 set 6. doubletaps - 1 set 7. direcow - 1 set 8. heady - 1 set 9. adn6244 - 1 set 10. ckng - 1 set @jtjy - Case can be bought here. http://singapore.rs-online.com/web/search/...rm=box+B2-080BK Regards CK
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