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  1. i added them myself. it was a haphazard job though, did it in under a hour. when i got time i will redo it again. that was teak wood btw, it was suppose to be golden brown... hey everyone, more pictures! i wanna see! mine looked like this before adding the wood veneer
  2. Hello all, i just got my re-shelled customs today. Very happy with it. Lets have a thread here to collect the pictures of the customs in SG! I will kick off with my friend's and mine. my friend's mine Post off!
  3. I got mine today too. Was very glad it arrived before i leave SG tml.
  4. i think their business is getting a bit too good... not that its a bad thing provided they can shorten the lead time instead of increasing it. i also 等到花兒也謝了...
  5. via Stereo. i sent in already.
  6. wuahaha, corehard, hardcore. singapore needs more people like u! u need to work on aesthetics and tidiness though. not that it matters a lot with regards to sound... btw, that wooden box, why not try making it with walnut?
  7. 1. Comes with cable 2. Rarely used 3. Comes with a M&M casing. 4. Great candidate for re-shelling 5. Asking for 150 SGD negotiable Interested parties sms 96208466 Update pics as requested: Btw, its in perfect working condition.
  8. WTS: iPod touch(itouch) 8gb- SGD$350 OR iPodtouch (itouch) 16gb- SGD$450 OR iPod touch (itouch) 32gb- SGD$600 OR iPod Classic(White or Black) 120gb- SGD$360 Prices are slightly negotiable and engraving on your iPod of choice is possible. Please PM or call me at 91775517 for latest updates. Thanks! I am getting a new macbook for school through Apple's back to school promo so I can only get 1 unit. PS: I am posting this on behalf of my friend. His name is Dave Tan.
  9. Foxit eSlick eBook Reader powered by E-Ink technology Hi everyone, I am offering to take orders for the Foxit eSlick eBook Reader, a portable novel-sized reading device that allows you to read your eBooks, documents, anything at all. The company Foxit produces one of the best LIGHTWEIGHT PDF Reader for Windows, and is the best alternative to the Adobe Reader to read your PDF documents. And they have come up with the eSlick, combining their PDF technology with an ebook reading device. --- For those who have yet to heard about the Amazon Kindle, the eBook reading device that has taken US by storm, the eSlick uses the exact same technology, minus the DRM lockdown. Its 6" E-Ink (otherwise known as ePaper) reads off just like paper! And thats not all, the e-Ink screen does not use any energy to display, but only sips energy when a page change (refresh) is needed. That way, average battery life extends around 2 weeks, depending on usage. Of course, we are more than willing to allow you to sample the units, as we are currently making arrangements to have the eSlick displayed in a few retail outlets. But from now till then, you can make arrangements with us to sample the demo units we have as and when we are free. And believe me reading enthusiasists, you will love this device For more information, check out: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/ebook/ --- PRICE The street price of the eSlick eBook reader is SGD$499. As an introductory promotion, we are now offering it at SGD$419 , a downpayment of SGD$50 is required to guarantee your order. We will make a mass order everytime we have up to 5 orders. --- Warranty We will be offering 1 year limited warranty. 90 days for parts and labor. Warranty is provided by the official reseller of Foxit in Singapore. The company will provide a one to one exchange on the spot (subjected to availability of units). --- Bundle - We will be bundling the entire eSlick device with 450 FREE eBooks, and Calibre, a eBook management utility that you can sync your eSlick with. You may request the book list from me. I also have a list of website that provide free eBooks for download, you may also request the list from me. --- Contact You can post here on the thread and I will check it frequently and answer any queries you guys might have. Or otherwise you can contact me at minhan@desinix.com . --- Method of Payment Cash or Internet Banking --- Duration There is no fixed date for the validity of the MO. The MO will end every time there are 5 orders. I will post a new MO each time the previous one end until the official reseller in Singapore discontinue this offer. --- CONFIRMED ORDER LIST 1) rikyuuu 2) peanut 3) jason 4) meng 5) UNCONFIRMED ORDER LIST 1) 2) . . . . --- Some Background Information I am a very good friend of the boss of Desinix Co., whom has painstakingly obtained the official reseller ship of Foxit eSlick. As a IT gadget geek, i am of course more than happy to test some sample units for him. It is very good. Since he is unsure of the Singapore market's reaction, and i love this forum so much, i requested him to give me the right to conduct an MO for him at SGHeadphones. Its a win-win situation here, he get the statistics he want (i would be keeping track of the no. of views and the actually confirmations for him), and you lovely guys at SGHeadphones get a nice discount off a very great gadget (and arguably one technology that has the most potential to change our lives again in the future). Some pictures i took when i am trying it out. As thin as a pen. Photo taken with camera flash off. Photo taken with camera flash on. Notice that the screen is still clear and highly readable. In fact, the brighter the surroundings (under the sun), the better the words look! Comic test. Jap character test. Chinese character test. Jurassic park, one of my favorites. The pictures below would be of interests of you professors out there who read journals regularly Journal in original PDF. After using the reflow function on the eSlick. When journal is saved as .text and read as text. Free BBC full content news paper. Download able from feedbooks.com. Example of how it looks in the newspaper. A eBook from feedbooks.com. This picture was captured at the instance the screen was refreshing. Hence the inverted colors. How the book looks like inside. Order now before it appears in the retail shops without the offer!
  10. guess so. since she requested it le, may as well make the birthday girl happy.
  11. Updated with new pics, and more diamonds. I got to respray it, and the spray was not as good as the first one. However, it does look better not from far.
  12. the costly part is the testing part. because you have to trial and error a lot of things. the actual material cost is pretty low. if you suay, you may even ruin the UM1. so, how costly it is depend on how lucky (and skillful) you are in getting it right the first time. I am thinking of trying it on a UM2 and other designs. If anyone got any unused westones lying around and feeling adventurous, you may PM me.
  13. hmm.. she seems pretty lukewarm about it. Haha, girls. U nvr noe what they are thinking, and i lazy to guess. Haha. And its a good friend lah, not gf.
  14. hmm. good idea. i need a engraving machine to do dat though.
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