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  1. WTS: V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-ear metal headphone Price: $190 Model: Phantom Chrome Nero Gunmetal Black White Pearl SMS 8125 eight nine six zero
  2. WTS: Koss PortaPro Headphone with case Price: $50 Condition: New, BNIB SMS/Whatapp 8125 eight nine six zero
  3. I think because not match with the right amp. This 600ohm can need OTL amp to push. But surprisely Leben CS300SX uses transformer yet you be amazed how T1 can performed with this beast.
  4. oh.. but can I and another friend audition your reference 5?
  5. Hi, wonder anyone from Singapore bought reference one? Would love to have short audition if possible.
  6. how long is the warranty? if 2 years then mine still not over yet. I bought 2nd hand, so wanting to test water.
  7. how much if reshell UM3X? impression - $80 ? if share shipping - ? reshell UM3X - ? cable cost - ? add driver - ? any idea?
  8. if $ is concern, always can choose hobby like collect stamp.
  9. when i pull my wisdom tooth, they drilled til smell smoke, when i complain pain, the doc instead of stop but ask the assistent hold me tight and make sure i dont break away.
  10. 150 or not, u'll always spend, this is not a cheap hobby anyway, is like the hole without bottom. 无底洞
  11. painfil?! u're not joking, r u?
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