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    headphone repair..

    thanks a lot yes the stock available.....at below $10.00
  2. Recently my headphone (518dj) wire came off from jack and its ear-pad also damaged.does anybody can recommend a place to repair at reasonable cost?? thank you in advance....
  3. Does anybody know where can i buy the above locally?? tks a lot in advance....
  4. The tightness is due to the metal plate on top of the headband.You can loosen it just holding only on the metal plate part and bend it backwards ,then hold for few time and do it for few days .Then the tightness will go.Overall it is a quite good headphones especially for the money you are paying.To get a proper sound it must run in for at least 80-120hrs from my experience.I like its tight bass and look better than 81dj.When I bought it first was upset by its tightness .I got this tweak from web and tried and worked well.So I feel still you can consider them
  5. Newbies can't post WTS.
  6. sorry to hijack.If don't mind can know roughly how much t4 costs??
  7. gbn

    AKG K518DJ

    . I tried it with ipod there.But didn't worry about the openness tot any headphone need sometime to run in right?I thought that may be the problem .Even the salesman also commented the same.So i plug it on my marantz cdp to and let it run countinuously for 12 hrs at diff intervals.Still not sure is that correct way of run in.But still sound not satisfactory.That is the time I decided to ask around for opinions....Any mp3 player in market with more power to drive these headphone??.Cos I don't want to myself look like a loser or carry many accessories to drive this end up with a heavy baggage...
  8. gbn

    AKG K518DJ

    I use headphone on the go.At home I listen to hifi.I was having px 200 and portapro both of them were could easily be driven by my hp.Recently I decided to change portapro due to isolation problem while traveling.So I went to SE to try AKG K 518DJ.They had 81DJ on demo which has the same driving mechanism according to them.I listened to it connected to amp and was really impressed to the sound.So I bought 518dj.At home I connected it to my cdp to play for some hours.When I connected to my hp ...not really satisfied......I feel the power is not enough as I keep the volume in max to get a reasonable level of sound.And I feel the just a h/p power is not enough to drive this headphone.. .Now I am thinking do I need to get a portable amp get sound better??? or need to run in more time It may be again fruitless effort to but just portable amp if the power is insufficient to drive this headphone and look lousy to carry an amp around.And I m not sure the size of the amp can fit into my laptop bag.....hum...Anybody can give a wise opinion??
  9. A less excited I am now .Because if too bass means not my taste.The reviews read as not so much bass like the usual AKG models.Thanks for the comments. But will go down and check to make a final decision..
  10. I had used px200 for few months but the connection at the jack got damaged. sounds??? Quite decent bass and treble but not so detailed and seperation..Now I am using portapro.Love the sound and feel better than px200 but no isolation.Recently heard about AKG K518DJ. Any users out there to comment??.Heard its around $100...
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