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  1. kwchan


    sigh...why there is a need for 50 post count? I have been around for so long yet cannot even post in classifieds
  2. if there is a wireless version for this...
  3. kwchan

    Recommend USB DAC for PC and PS3

    i vote for Zero DAC
  4. kwchan

    Wireless DAC?

    any one tried DLNA? my laptop got DLNA, supposed to be able to stream video and audio wirelessly to DLNA compatible devices
  5. very detailed but not a single photo?
  6. kwchan

    Marshall headphone mod

    why need removable cable?
  7. kwchan

    Recomend me a pair of earphones

    sound as nice as it looks or not
  8. kwchan

    Wireless Surround Headphones for Movie

    any other brand out there using kleer?
  9. kwchan

    Wireless DAC?

    thanks for the recommendation, i am thinking if there is any adapter that make use of Kleer technology to transmit uncompressed audio digitally. normal RF technology may have distortion but i have tried Kleer's headphone and it is much better in range and quality
  10. kwchan

    Wireless DAC?

    hmm..but no optical in for this....or is it necessary anymore?
  11. kwchan

    Wireless DAC?

    any cheaper alternative to apple air play?
  12. kwchan

    Little Bot Tube Amp

    roughly how much?
  13. kwchan

    Wireless DAC?

    I have a Zero DAC that connect to my laptop with a long USB cable and USB->SPDIF adapter. Is there a better way to stream music via the DAC wirelessly? I am using AE A5 speakers
  14. WTB : 0.5-1m RCA -> Mini cable