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  1. is design the first thing you looking at? =)
  2. Geez, TS one question can cost him up to few Ks. hee.. TS willing to spend up to 800 worth of headphone. But need to tell everyone what kinda genre you fancy on. E rest of the question is what rko had said before. Portable or no? Room or living room set up. Computer listening or CD player? hee
  3. eh.. any idea on the cost of both Zero DAC and DAC magic? =) *poisoned*
  4. Dunno why... but i always like to see blue light. LOL... Eh.. is that DAC magic?
  5. That's what I call.. cosy and nice working area... but be careful of ur cup. =x Mac lover wor...
  6. i began to hate u. i am easily poison one leh. hahaha i like to know more things but i end up getting poisoned (always) . haha... well for the +3db thing is because i learn before from audio engineering course. you just rem that sound travel out and if the speaker is on the table, the wavelength will hit the table and bounce up to the cone and that add on to 3db. like wise if it is near the wall and side too. thats why most of the people prefer to have the speaker stand or short stand to get above from the table and doing 45 deg towards the ear. but then again, it depend on HOW precise you want. for recording studio, it is a must to do so. but they also have some allowance from the speaker to the back of the wall. iya.. very mafan. i only put 45 deg towards me but left speaker is very near to the wall so that will give me more db but as it is near to the window = ambient atmosphere noise, it compensate. haha My Event TR8XL is 8 inch cone and it cost me $1260 a pair. loving it. I used to have KRK v4 but the cone is too small and transformer went dead. other then that, prefer to have mackie HR624 (lovely!) Old setup with my mixer on the left New setup and on hold of smaller mixer
  7. @ jojo_b2 ur tapco is mix.60 right? =P btw, is your monitor still place in that same position? not worry that it will create another 3more db ? heh
  8. tell her dun worry, you only have a pair of ear to listen to ONE headphone at a time.
  9. dirt cheap for tapco. hehe... what ya meant by tweak ur cables? hehe... TC electronic got a lot of good stuff tho.. love the stuff they had. I'm using Event TR8XL for doing music.... back then.. now take it as music pleasure. I do not like to do any EQ, prefer to listen flat freq response music. always love to understand the mixing and master engineer do for the music. I wish I have marnee for Mackie 824... 624 also maybe.
  10. DAC is to make the digital to analog, right? correct me if i'm wrong. So after selling ur Lil Country, you only use ur Tapco Mixer ? BTW bro, how much u get the tapco. Been looking for small mixer before until too lazy. Yamaha and Mackie is way too big for me... plus $. I hate to control volume from computer. Look like ur are the same as me, using studio monitor speaker. Yep! What cable are u running? (Shucks.. OT)
  11. tio aimed. LOL....much as I felt it is affordable and nice... plus point is small... I cannot buy yet as I am still uncertain. on the other side, my pocket too... baby girl coming along the way... next mth What other things do you connect to. (as in base in the photo of urs.) I am no King because staying with mom but when I have money to reno my new house, I will do in living room. Usually I always listen to my studio monitor instead of headphone, because my wife and parent will be screaming for me and I still dunno. LOL.
  12. DJ Smoke - Mago Tribu Annihilation live mix from DI.FM Tribal House.
  13. Limited knowledge of me still looking around... But base on experience on buying stuff, get the affordable one and work well tho. hehe... SO... Shld i start my poison on the headphone amp or my sound system for living room to help e recession? LOL
  14. yeah yeah... hee... thank you kidult... once again.
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