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    Shure SE530, Westone W3, UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro, Bose Overear, Bose Triport, ES3X (on the way)
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    iBasso D10, RSA Mustang P-51
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    Cowon S9 16GB, Iphone 3G 16Gb, Ipod Touch 1st Gen 16GB, Ipod Classic 6.5 Gen 80Gb, Macbook Pro Unibody 15.4
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    KEF 2005.2 Home rig, Denon AMP and DVD Player
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    Unibody Macbook Pro 15.4 + iBasso D10 + Westone 3
  1. If balance is the setup you're going for, instead of Zana Deux, I recommend the Balance Act from Eddie Current. Only slightly more than Zana and on a limited run at the moment.
  2. Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest at age 50. Sad news...
  3. Audio Note carries Leben, on the 3rd floor near the escalator. They also carry Air Tight, and Audio Space.
  4. I think in jig_sg's case, it should be "Making Love to Nothing at All"
  5. So this is how you've been auditioning headphones and CDs....
  6. Hahaha luckily I didn't get the PortaPro LE then. Calvin beat me by a few minutes.
  7. The chair like old man's rocker chair la....
  8. Lumiele, if you read through the Jaben site, to expedite approval just give Jaben a call. Tell them your user name and then it's done.
  9. Please, don't get the old man started on his sex....oppsss......I mean Stax pep talks.
  10. Yes. if you open up the case, pry out your hard drive, open it up, you'll see it Amazing how small the LPs get now and they change the name from LP to hard disk platter
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