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  1. Sold to a nice member. Thanks.
  2. sold..................................
  3. WTS - Westone UM3X 3-Way Monitors. Made in USA. A few years old, but very lightly used (once a month) and only then indoors - they look new. Comes with box, unused tools, original clam case, and 2 unused sets of grey comply plugs. Asking $250. I have no idea what the current value of this set is, so open to discuss offers. Contact me at 9746-882 if interested. Thanks.
  4. WTS - Cowon S9 16GB DAP Excellent sounding stand-alone DAP. Good condition - Glass is excellent, back has normal user marks. Come with USB cable only. Asking $120 negotiable. Please contact me at 9746-0882 if interested.Thanks.
  5. Excellent service. One of the few stores in Singapore that really impress.
  6. Hi, there shoudl be one big enought for the S9 (the case is designed for cameras!), but it will be much to big to fit into your pocket.
  7. Good to hear it. I am using a hard case I got from SE. The SDV Case has a small partition for the D2+ inside, with the remaining space large enough for a small IEM attached.
  8. You can find screen protectors at Farle too. Quite reasonably priced too and nice quality, compared to most other types of protectors for cameras and phones.
  9. Once you register, the other Classified sections will be made available to you.
  10. Also, is there a sound signature that is added?
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