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  1. if you can get to audition a pair c jays, you might like the sound signature. I personally feel that its better than MS1i or Grado SR80. I mean for that price point, its one of the better sounding portable headphones.
  2. The sennheiser RS wireless series's kleer technology is really very good. Much better than conventional bluetooth. I could walk around my 4 rm flat without have the signal cut off.
  3. If u r situated in sg, head down to stereo either @ plaza sing or causeway point. Have a chat w the friendly guys there, they can tell u the A-Z of reshelling
  4. Indeed the SE530 is discontinued and replaced by the SE 535. But the sound signature differs. I doubt they have any more stocks or spare parts of the SE530. But I do agree with you that the amount quoted is ridiculous. If you do like the sound signature of your SE530, perhaps you can consider reshelling them into custom. The overall cost should be less than S$438, depending on who you go to. There are several options: AudioHub Stereo (UM) Stage93 Hope this helps
  5. just to share my experience of ear syringing. I had to do one, b'cz the audiologist refused to do my impression due to a ear war infection. The process is not as bad as you think. Get some ear wax softener from the phamacy, sometimes ear wax will just disintegrate and fall off on its own. In the event it dosen't well as least u soften it and make the doctor's job easier. Basically he uses a huge syringe and jets warm water into your ears. I din't feel any pain, just a sensation as though you are in the pool. After which all the disgusting wax will come flowing out.... Damage = +/- $20 per ear. depending on which GP you go. Can cost as much as $60 if your GP is the boutique kind. Hoe this helps.
  6. Warm, lush, full bodied, non fatigue. Fantastic dac function to pair w yr laptop. Solid built, but prone to scratches due to it's glossy surface. I used to own this gem, I prefer the sound signature of the pico over the rsa range. Hope this helps
  7. Hi, i used to owned the DT990 (600ohm) and pair it with the maverick D1. using the DAC function of the maverick gives the DT990 very forward vocals and clear seperation. If you use the Solid State amp, it sound a little aggressive. The tube amp function adds a tad of "warm" and fuller, rounder sound to the DT990. I believe you can audition it at some of the outlets that carries the Maverick D1. and hear the difference yourself. See if it's your cup of tea.
  8. hey, have you heard of the superlux series. the 668B is quite popular, should be within your budget
  9. if u are looking for something that is value for $$$ and is modable in future, you can try madcap amp.
  10. Impression before burn in: sound stage is MASSIVE! I'd say its bigger than IE8! bass is not as thick and "in your face," but it have good extension in the sub bass area, something I learn to appreciate lately. the seperation is simply uncanny! like the instrutments and vocals are clearly layered one after another. (reminds me of my PICO) Details n Clarity are present with no ecentuation to the highs nor it is harsh tt causes fatigue. it'll pass the "MRT Tunnel" test. As such your music will not be drowned by the ambience noise, assuming u r using comply. after some extensive listening, I find it to be quite adequate in handling most of genre of music. which is a good thing. the quality of the bass is quite unbelieveable. But the thing that impresses me most, is the layer or seperation.... uncannily incredible! I've not heard the Shure215 or Brainwavz B2, no comments on them.
  11. How about Cambridge DAC magic? since the M50 is relatively easy to drive, you might as well add a DAC to carry it further?
  12. TS may have heard lotsa negative stuff already. Let me motivate you with something good. I've been a LW3 for more than a year, I must say that it sounds so much better after extensive burn in. (it could be my ears tt have grown acustomed to it). But I've heard some demo unit of UM, and JH, till now I'm still not convinced to fork out $$$ for another custom. The LW3 response pretty well to amping. But I'd prefer to pair it with a warm (SS) amp like the Pico, due to its neutral sound signature.
  13. you might want to try Stereo @ PS. they are selling their demo unit @ $34, see thread for reference: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=2994859 If i remeber correctly, they oso have new sets. I'm using it myself, its a good entry level headphone, especially for the retro look.
  14. Wonder if anyone has this in singapore? Care to share your impressions? Link: http://www.venturecraft.jp/gadget_en/index.php Headfi: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/518160...om-venturecraft
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