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  1. Although it loses out in detail retrieval and soundstage to the home cans (ps1k), the increased level of "initimacy" actually makes casual listening more enjoyable. A definite step up from ms1i (which it replaced) and from memory not losing out to ms-pro. That's for the PC. actually chain is foobar(alac)->udac->ef2->HF2
  2. Office setup. HF2 juz taken over from kidult
  3. Order directly from head-direct http://www.head-direct.com/product_detail.php?p=38 99usd for the phones, 10usd for shipping, total 109usd. At the current exchange rate it is well below sgd200.
  4. Got this new set of portable headphones from AudioIconic last fri. External: Comes with a carrying case. Crossfolds like px100 but non-rotatable. Very light and low spring tension. Doesn't press hard against the ears or temple, easy for day long listening. However cable is short. Soundwise: About 40hours into it. Doesn't really sound like closed phones, having a airy feel to them. Clean and clear with nice details without overpowering/boomy bass. Doesn't really need amping, can be driven easily from iphone 3gs. Having owned a PX100, I will take this over PX100 anyday since they are around the same pricepoint (Nuforce slightly more ex). Haven't heard the portapro, so cannot comment on that. Those looking at portable headphones should give them a go. Though I haven't seen them anywhere else yet except at AudioIconic.
  5. The experiences has been getting better with each visit. Paid another visit to PS outlet as was interested to listen to the Ultrasone ed8. The sales readily accepted my request, brought out the phones and led me to the listening corner and plus the phones into the Auditor and reduced the volume to min. Was told of the functions of the player and availability of additional CDs on the cabinet beside and left to my own devices (nice). When I wanted to change CDs and found the cabinet locked, he quickly unlocked it. Guess it's because the CDs are kept with other products, thus the needed security. It might have been easier with a open side cd rack with the CDs. To note is that this is the same chap who served me previously during the first visit. Although I was apprehensive initially, it turned out pretty well. Nice improvement. After the whole affair, had a nice talk with another (apparently) more senior personnel who I assume is Aron? Left my contact for something that was not in stock, for them to contact me when it comes in. Surprisingly a couple of hours later, they gave me a call to inform me of an ad here selling the stuff I was looking for. (nice) All in all, a nice experience and I should be back soon.
  6. Went down to causeway point yest (well, since I didn't have a good experience at plaza sg, why not try the other) asking about Alessandro headphones. First chap had no idea what I was talking about, but at least he went to ask another fella. The other fella came and told me they didn't carry Alessandro anymore. However he offered me another Grado in the range to try (definitely an improvement). Requested to borrow a LOD and amp, and the guy nodded, but strangely enough after taking out the headphones just directed me to the side test area and connected up to the setup there (duh) and left me to my own devices (good). Eventually just connected up to the headphone jack of my device, not the most ideal, but oh well. Told the chap after some listening that I preferred the Alessandro variant, and he asked if I owned any grado earphones yet. Told him I did and he showed me the jmoney headbands available (nice). Overall a better exp than at Plaza Sg. Would have preferred though if Stereo have kept their website updated so that one does not make a trip there to find a product listed in their website as being non-existent and no longer carried there.
  7. I always believe that relationship with shops are hit-and-miss scenarios. Either you can strike a rapport or can't, irregardless of how well a shop is rated, online or by word of mouth. Perhaps it's juz fate for the first encounter to turn out as such. Will be heading down again when the need arises, and hopefully it'll more of a hit rather than miss again.
  8. not for that visit, but probably will still go down. There are only so few shops that specialises in portable audio locally.
  9. Made a first trip to the PS outlet last week, and contrary to what alot experienced, I wasn't impressed by their service. Went in to take a look at nuforce icon mobile (that is on their website) and ibasso t4 for use with iphone. While browsing through the display racks, a chap came up to ask if he could help (nice service I was thinking), and told him of my intentions. To my surprise, he gave me a blur look when he heard the icon mobile, saying that they dun have and even doubted the existence of the product. When I further mentioned that it was on their website, he gave me this incredulous look and say that I must be mistaken. Nevermind fine, since I had previously tried the nuforce at Audioiconic, I'll just try the ibasso T4 and make a comparison from memory. After a quick setup, he left me to my own devices, which I thought was cool, some freedom to test songs. When i pressed play on the phone, big mistake, should have checked the volume control beforehand. It was on at max. After some struggling and asking how to lower the volume, he non-chalantly came over and adjusted the dial. Felt that having served customers daily, he would at least be experienced to have lowered the volume to an minimal/acceptable level first, and let customers adjust to their comfortable listening leve. But oh well, maybe honest mistake? During the auditioning, the T4 appears to be very susceptible to RFI, getting static chatter frequently. When queried, all he offered was "all portable amps are like that one". Duh. No alternative, no recommendation, no nothing. Just brushed off. When over and asked if I liked it, I told him I preferred the nuforce. At least there was no RFI. He still gave me that incredulous look of "got such product meh". And that's that. No otherwise attempt for alternatives, no nothing. Took another browse at the racks and left. Maybe my expectations were too high after reading all the good comments on Stereo, but this experienced really left much to be desired to me.
  10. a shop in SLT lvl 2 that does customisation of cables.
  11. Does anybody know of portable amp that support mic input via 3.5mm 4 pin plug? Main purpose is usage with earphones with integrated mic/remote on iphone, so that call answering can be done on the same earphones. Was initially looking at the nuforce icon mobile but got a reply from nuforce that the input of icon mobile is stereo only with no feedback out and mic support is only via USB to PC. Now looking to see if there are other alternatives.
  12. OK, will give them a try. Already tried several shops in SLT, including LHS.
  13. Does anyboby know where to find a 3.5mm 4 conductor male to male cable locally?
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