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  1. There is also a Cowon J3 that you can add to your shortlist. Sony's A and X series of MP3 players also looks appealing to me, although they cannot support FLACs With any of these players, i won't use it with amps. Would upgrade IEM instead.
  2. yup, you need to remove the 'stem' from the olive what i did was to remove the stems from a used pair of complys and fit them into the de-stemed olives
  3. ^^I had quite a different experience from yours 1) Complys gave punchier bass, but treble was a bit uncomfortable for me. Olives helped controlled the treble, so i stick to Olives. Plus Olives last much longer. Never tried the silicon tips though. 3) ES2 cables improved the clarity and added a little bit of extension to the overall sound. Stock cable lasted me for 8 months.
  4. thank you Stereo for the swift reply!
  5. cable still user-replaceable after reshelling right? from the pics, seems so but just wanna confirm
  6. curious, anybody here tried Denon's DCD-710 before? any comments?
  7. thank you uberburger!! haven't tried out many full-sized headphones, think i'm gonna take my time with them i need a while to save up money
  8. Hi! I'm currently saving up for my desktop rig. 1) Is it advisable to build my rig in stages i.e. CDP 1st, amp 2nd? Headphones wise, i'm sticking to my ESW10 at the moment 2) Is there such thing as an amp built specifically to suit a certain player, such that certain amps works better with certain players? 3) I'm looking at the Marantz CD6003 once i get my paycheck, any comments on this player and any suggested retailers with good service? Thanks a lot!! Happy Lunar New Year!!
  9. Hi guys! Hope you guys don't mind me posting this here... I'm looking to move from a portable set-up to a desktop set-up in the future. Seen a few pictures in this thread, they are amazing! But my sources currently are an ipod video 5.5G and an ipod touch 1G, are they enough to be my source? I think the majority of equipment i've seen have CDPs in the set-up... apart from ipods, i currently have: TF10, ESW10-JPN, Go-Vibe Magnum in your opinion, what should i go for first?? CDP?? Desktop amp?? No specific brand/model needed, just a rough idea will do. Thanks a lot!!
  10. get your impressions done properly to reduce the chances of needing a refit...there're a few impressions thread here, go do some readings first SE530 ain't lacking in bass imo my ears are small, so my TF10 do stick out quite a bit. a small price to pay, really
  11. between the TF10 and IE8, i find IE8 has a darker sound signature compared to TF10. TF10's sound is also more forward. Highs are sparkling, but not harsh... IE8 may have tons of bass, but i prefer the punchiness of the TF10's bass and the neutrality of the sound. SE530...i find the bass wins in quantity, but not quality, as compared to the TF10, but my intepretation of quality may not be the same for eveyone as far as opinions go, nothing beats listening to the real deal, hope you spend some time auditioning them out....
  12. yes you'll need to call in advance
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