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    WTS: Brand New 48' TWag v2 OM Eclipse Cable

    Sir, could you please kindly reply me via e-mail, or leave me your no.? I mentioned that I am only free on weekends due to full-time national service, and I am getting another confinement next week... Hope to hear from you ASAP because I don't want to trouble you by leaving my TWCu with you for too long...I'm sorry for having such a problematic time table.
  2. XiaXueYi

    WTS: Brand New 48' TWag v2 OM Eclipse Cable

    Close as in, no more MO?
  3. XiaXueYi

    WTS: Brand New 48' TWag v2 OM Eclipse Cable

    There seems to be OM for TWCu now. Can I order that...? http://www.whiplashaudio.com/whiplash-audi...ment-cable.html For JH owners, does the 48" wire fit into the Otterbox provided? If that is okay, I'd like the following options: -48" -Switchcraft right angle jack Thanks in advance.
  4. XiaXueYi

    Line out of iPod too loud

    Hello everyone, just thought I'd try and ask here if there were any good solutions. Okay, so after getting my JH5's, getting music amped by both a Graham Slee Voyager and a RSA Hornet (on low gain) was too loud - and going below that volume would mean a L/R channel imbalance. Are there any solutions to reducing the volume BESIDES switching to an amp of lower gain? (This would be my last option to consider because I really like the Hornet's sound). Hopefully any suggestions wouldn't lead to coloration of sound too. I tried using the Volume Adjustment for all songs in iTunes to -100% gain, but turns out the line out really does bypass every changes made to volume. i.e. it didn't work. Thanks in advance.
  5. XiaXueYi

    Syringing of ears?

    1)Well, frequent IEM use causes earwax to build up more quickly - especially if your genes are for solid earwax. I heard most people have liquid earwax (dominant trait), which clears more easily and less prone to blockages. Mine is solid so meh 2)Audiologists normally refuse to make custom ear impressions (if you're making custom IEMs like Unique Melody, JH, etc.) if there is ear wax blocking the ear canal. After my second visit to the same GP for ear syringing, he decided to just sell me a ear syringe that uses salt water to clear blockages...lol
  6. XiaXueYi

    WTS: Brand New 48' TWag v2 OM Eclipse Cable

    Hope it's a good thread to ask, can anyone briefly describe sound differences between TWag and TWcu cables? Thanks.
  7. I made this thread to see if anybody has links to online stores with good prices for audio stuff. Please do share - meanwhile I would also try to share.
  8. XiaXueYi

    Amazon shipping and k702 comfort issues

    Could I ask whether any of you have good online sites/stores to recommend for good prices?
  9. XiaXueYi

    Amazon shipping and k702 comfort issues

    This thread is a good read/find. I never knew such services existed for all those "US-only" services. Could you buy a bunch of items, and then ask Vpost/comgateway to ship all of them as one package, thus lowering the shipping cost? Thanks. Good for buying from websites like rmcaudiodirect.
  10. XiaXueYi

    Who owns Earsonics 'phones here?

    Yes, gotten the EM1-iFI's. But...
  11. Anybody? Their universals or custom lineups?
  12. XiaXueYi

    Magnepan speakers?

    Brief reading tells me that they seem to be (another) one of those quite renowned brand names...and are well-received. Does anyone hear own them, or have heard them before? Thanks.
  13. XiaXueYi

    Help on Hearing Loss!

    The former. I also asked why they do not do ear impressions - the staff there mentioned her higher-ups said not to do so for the purpose of "custom earphones", only for swimming gear and such. She told me she would ask them again. It seems that the two tubs of goo they bring out are more expensive than they look.
  14. XiaXueYi

    Smooth/Lounge jazz CDs?

    Are those easy to find?
  15. XiaXueYi

    Help on Hearing Loss!

    I went on wednesday and yesterday. Free left-right check. Anything else afterwards will be up to an ENT doctor. Right now my ears are having a left-right imbalance (my right ear actually can hear better, causing me some distress on public transport), going through the bureaucratic route of polyclinic ----> NUH referral for an ENT.