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  1. Musicdude

    One of my best work..

    nice cables you have there
  2. Musicdude

    I need an amp for my tf10

    or maybe ibasso
  3. Musicdude

    what is a TF 10?

    Mind telling me which company is doing reshelling for dynamic drivers?
  4. Musicdude

    Cables for reshelled IEMs?

    Yea saw that but i am still considering because of the price=/... meanwhile any other options?
  5. Musicdude

    Cables for reshelled IEMs?

    Just got my reshelled triplefi back. I have changed the cables to Lune Cable by Null Audio but I don't really like the build quality(thin wires) despite the good sound. Are there any other cables with comparable sound quality as the Lune and bang for buck? Or perhaps I should sell the Lune and use ES2 instead=/
  6. Musicdude

    Word Association

  7. Musicdude

    Word Association

    gear hub
  8. Musicdude

    WTS: ER20 ETY•Plugs (musician earplugs)

    bumps for the nice earplug
  9. Musicdude

    Earplugs to sleep in

    UM custom earplugs might be slightly cheaper
  10. Musicdude

    Word Association

  11. Musicdude

    Your headphones collection

    wahhhh looking at the money he spent on all those... $_$
  12. Musicdude

    My new toy

    Hi, any idea does UM provide re shelling services for Fischer Audio DBA02 model? It's a dual balanced armature...
  13. Musicdude

    Headphone Prices locally >>please contribute!<<

    Anyone knows the cost of A1000 replacement pads?
  14. Musicdude

    Which headphone for a newb?

    Hmm but I guess the AD700 will not be that cheap. I guess it will be in the SGD200+ region though.