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  1. Mind telling me which company is doing reshelling for dynamic drivers?
  2. Yea saw that but i am still considering because of the price=/... meanwhile any other options?
  3. Just got my reshelled triplefi back. I have changed the cables to Lune Cable by Null Audio but I don't really like the build quality(thin wires) despite the good sound. Are there any other cables with comparable sound quality as the Lune and bang for buck? Or perhaps I should sell the Lune and use ES2 instead=/
  4. UM custom earplugs might be slightly cheaper
  5. wahhhh looking at the money he spent on all those... $_$
  6. Hi, any idea does UM provide re shelling services for Fischer Audio DBA02 model? It's a dual balanced armature...
  7. Hmm but I guess the AD700 will not be that cheap. I guess it will be in the SGD200+ region though.
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