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  1. Muzzi

    Vinyl camp

    hey sorry for OT but can anyone recommend to me good record labels for classical music? im looking for some but i have no idea what to look for!
  2. Muzzi

    Vinyl camp

    hoho im using a technics sl120, with some sansui arm and grado black cart. just got mine last week! looking to build up my collection and find out some good way of cleaning my lps at home (cause i kinda have no time to go to adelphi =/)
  3. Muzzi

    Vinyl camp

    ehh i dont really have many lps so getting a record cleaner is a bit of a wasted investment. is there anywhere in sg that provides a cleaning service for some fee?
  4. Muzzi

    Vinyl camp

    how do i clean it? is there a special method or can i just do it at home?
  5. Muzzi

    Vinyl camp

    oh no ive fallen to the dark side! and loving it =D oh but how do i get rid of all the pops and clicks?
  6. I personally prefer the HD25-1-II as 1. i find that it sounds better and improves a lot with amping 2. its much lighter and much less bulky 3. its pretty much indestructible. another thing is that the hd25-1-II uses a steel cable, and a cable upgrade to a copper one definitely yields better SQ. (saying this, i personally do own a HD25 but its the 600ohms version which sounds better when amped compared to the original)
  7. hey bro try the Sennheiser HD25-1-II. I have the 600ohms version and its a pretty balanced sound, with plenty of deep bass for your movies and soundtracks. its also the clearest portable headphone ive tried, but it might need an amp to shine. do try it out! btw its smaller than the srh series, and much lighter as well
  8. Hey all, ive decided to tube roll my SRM-T1S...only problem is that i dont have tubes! So, does anyone know where to get matched pairs of tubes? Im looking for 6CG7/6FQ7, preferably Toshiba, Matsush*ta, Raytheon or RCA clear tops Thanks!
  9. hey anyone here has reshelled their ck100s? and is it possible to add a bass driver to the ck100 as the only thing wrong (sadly) with them is the bass quality and quantity =(
  10. updated, got a stax amp!
  11. hmm but noone is selling either (amp nor earspeaker) locally! Sad. I don't mind travelling, know anyone who might want to give me an audition? EDIT: the stax adaptors cant be used with either a headphone amp OR a preamp right? only speaker amps will do?
  12. oh kidult! I was just about to pm you about this! Darn. So i cant get the vintage setups (not that anyones selling em locally) as i dont have anything even remotely resembling a speaker amp. Guess ill spring for the 2050s, but again, noones selling em used locally =( I'd expect them to cost upwards of 1k, while my budget is only .75k. sigh
  13. ah thanks! I see you have much experience with stax as well, from your head-fi account. Would you say theyre good for classical? In any case, is the Basic System II (SR2020/SRM212) a good deal? I'd prefer not to ship stuff in, and i have no feedback on headfi so its a bit difficult to deal overseas...
  14. Hey guys, as you may have read in the headphones subforum, im thinking of getting a low-end stax system Budget is ~$750, warranty is not needed and condition doesnt really matter. As long as its usable, i dont mind scratches. Looking for a setup, meaning earspeakers with amp! Do pm me with offers! Can only deal after the 12th of Feb (payday heehee) Alright, ive gotten myself a stax SRM-T1S from yahoo japan, but no earspeakers! So im looking for a pair to go along with the amp, perhaps a lambda pro, or LNS would be good. Or a recabled esp950. open to all offers, do pm me or sms me at 96247224 Also, mod: if wtbs (doesnt say so in the sticky, yes i read it) require a post count then do pm me and ill close this
  15. Hi guys, im pretty new to the forum here. Been playing with portable for some time and finally came to my perfect rig (Etys ER4B + Secret Amp) which imo is the best for classical of all the iem and amp combis barring customs.. So now i wanna go desktop. I have a budget of $750, can get an audiogd compass+K701, or a low-end stax setup (most probably stax basic system II, 2050/212). The question is which of these should i get? I dont have a DAC yet, but can get one the following month should i go for stax... I listen to classical mostly, strings, chamber and opera and i value detail, clarity, an involving midrange and extended treble over bass, bass and more bass. Hence the love for etys.I might have opened can of worms here but id love some nudges in the right direction. Also, i posted this on headfi. And i have no way to audition stax. OH and if anyone wants to let go of a stax system at around my budget feel free to pm me
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