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  1. Hi,

    I read in the documentation about a new feature that allows visualisations to work without listening to the audio/mic input, however this is what I want to do... is this possible with AudioCodex??? I want to visualise the mic or line input rather than what the computer is playing. I want to set up a few visualisations to display while DJing (preferably rotating the differnt types). Not sure if this program is really what I'm looking for, but it's really cool nevertheless!



  2. my friend from wales is staying with me for the summer and she introduced me to this guy gary go. He sounds like a one man show of coldplay.. so i actually downloaded his single for free on itunes( i think its itunes single of the week and thats y its free) and with that being said, what new artists have u all been litening too? i need new music for my ipod!


  3. Hi all, One question... I recently got a bluetooth headset for my phone, which works great. I also got a mic/headset for my PC that plugs into the sound card... then I was thinking, since I have a bluetooth dongle, why dont I just use the bluetooth headset for both? I do some gaming but the quality is not paramount, and the PC headset I got is not a great one either...


    So first I would like your thoughts on using the bluetooth over the PC mic/headset, and then, how do you make the default sound device the bluetooth? I cant find any way to disable the regular speakers. Thanks!


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