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  1. Sold the HD650 to a wonderful gentleman, Price dropped on the DT100 and DT250 combo
  2. Selling off equipment because i've moved to customs Overseas at the moment, please pm me instead. Description of Item : Beyer DT100 Condition : 10/10 Opened the box to have a look inside, unused Warranty : From Oct 2010, local warranty Selling price : $300 Preferred Location : Preferably near Pioneer Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Contact Detail : 82785564 Description of Item : Beyer DT250 Condition : 10/10 Opened the box to have a look inside unused Warranty : From Oct 2010, Local Warranty Selling price : $300 Preferred Location : Preferably near Pioneer Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Contact Detail : 82785564 Description of Item : Sennheiser HD650 Selling price : SOLD Get the DT100 and DT250 for $450!
  3. The frustrating thing is, when i wanted to do the booking. Only the last few rows of each price range was left. so i decided to wait until he comes again, or until something else that interests me comes along.
  4. Earpads can normally be removed easily. I washed my K701 earpads with soft detergent and warm water. If you are talking about a leather headband, then i really don't know what to do, my beyer dt990 headband got sticky after some time. couldn't get rid of the stickiness whatever i did. I tried polish, wipes and all kinds of leather solutions.
  5. Using Centrance DACport, does that count?
  6. I'm thinking of reshelling my TF10 at Null Audio. Which one do you think i should go for? the 6 driver or 4 drivers? Anyone know whether the fit is good? THey said the sound is comparable to a UE11, anyone has any experience with it? I already own a JH16, so i am looking for a different sound signature with roughly equal performance. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much guys!
  7. Hi, just my 2 cents worth here Everyone likes different kinds of sounds, some prefer colored sounds and some prefer neutral sounds. For me, i like the K701 and HD650, and i will stick with them for the foreseeable future. Though i've had friends who have tried those 2 and the dt990 and still prefer the Grado MS1i that i had. Although in speaker design you do aim for a flat frequency curve, everyone listens to music from a different perspective, so it's up to you to decide which kind of sound signature you like in the end. Cause in the end, it's going to be you listening to the headphones. Now, onto the Beyers, 1) There wasn't any noticeable difference in sound in the pro and premium versions that i could make out. 2) I've went through a few headphones before i found something that i really liked and sticked with them. I would suggest that you try out a few more headphones before making a choice. Have you tried the Grados? They are known to be really good for rock, you could also try the HD600, those are quite well-known. 3) The differences between the 250ohm and 600ohm versions are miniscule, They did some blind testing on Head-fi and those that could tell the difference preferred the 60Ohm versions, but stated that there was only a very small difference if you really really listened into it. if you have decided on the beyers, then just try them out and then decide. 4) You'll definitely need an amp for the Beyers, especially the 600Ohms version. You could consider the Govibe Peak, but also look into other amplifiers, you could look for one in the classifieds section. Personally i think that buying an amp first hand is quite expensive. You could get the headphones from B&W if you don't plan on getting the Go-vibe Peak, but otherwise, the extra worry about the warranty and shipping is a bummer, and when you decide to sell it off, some people would prefer a local set. The price of the Beyer alone at Jaben is more than the price of the bundle at Jabens. Weird.....
  8. Could you kindly pm me the price and location where you got the player please? Would like to know the price of it
  9. Really? hmm... mind telling me where they are made in?
  10. Well. you could get an Audio Technica ES7 2nd hand for just over 100 bucks
  11. For that price range of IEMs, I would really recommend the Hippo line of IEMs. I particularly like the Hippo 10, that one is really really good for the price and i would recommend it to anyone. In fact, I was trying to get one of those earphones but they were out of stock at that time. Jaben carries the Hippos.
  12. Koss Portapro has no noise cancellation at all. How does this headphone stand up against other? it is an entry level headphone which is good for the price, how it stands up to others differs according to individual opinions. I prefer the Grado Sr60i sound to the portapros Other headphones in the same price range (better or not up to you to decide ) iGrado Grado Sr60 Sennheiser HD series (quite a few) Gaming on PC? depends on your needs, but i think it suits my needs for sound when i'm gaming, i don't need the fancy 7.1 surround stuff.
  13. Hi, I think this is the wrong place to post this, hope the mods will move it to another place. Anyway, the better places to get and try headphones would be Jaben and Stereo in Singapore. If you are going to be in a plane, you could also look into iems as well. Cause that would widen your choices by a large margin. I would suggest you get a flight adapter, which has a resistor inside, because the inflight sounds can get insanely loud when the PA system comes on. I've personally tried the PXC250 and find that it hisses quite a lot, so it depends on what kind of music you are going to listen to when you are not in the plane. Denon has a noise cancelling headset as well, might want to try that out too. I would really suggest you go down to either Jaben or Stereo to test some headsets out. The people there will be able to recommend you some too. Note: I think Bose is overpriced. I generally avoid it with a passion.
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