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  1. nice TLR.. how about showing us the pic from the seagull
  2. thanks guys for the recommendation. where can I get the senn hd414 pad? and also.. wonder if they have black ones? cos last time I saw those were yellow in color
  3. Hi everyone, after a long hiatus from headphone world, a friend offered me his MS-1 for $100 - a price I couldn't resist anyway they do sound really good, especially at that price! I was wondering if a bowl pad would improve the sound quality further (open up the detail more,etc) ? Any other pad (flat?) that is worth considering ? Thanks
  4. Thanks alot guys !! fuwen: I travelled with a group of friends(most of them photographers, but a few are for pure holiday trip). My friend who organized has a cousin who runs the travel agency, so it's quite convenient arrangement for us. heady: yes Myanmar people are definitely some of the friendliest I've met. Chatted with many of them about their life, religion, and some politics as well(not in public though). The most amazing was when I was shooting at the train station and was approached by the man in green uniform(probably from the army), I thought he would have asked me to stop shooting. But instead he asked me to shoot the lady opposite LOL ... When we were there, there were hardly tourists around, despite now being the peak season. I think most would rather go to the neighbouring Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam... but Myanmar is definitely a country I would go back again one day. There's just so much to photograph, especially the plains of Bagan (only spent a day there), the relaxing lake of Inle, and to catch many other festivals in the country like the water festival, etc. I think it's truly one of the gem in SEA.
  5. Just came back from Myanmar not long ago.... fantastic scenery, amazing people, really beautiful country(pity abt the govt) sharing the series with u guys here I am still in the process of uploading more to the gallery. Exam is keeping me really busy
  6. Btw, just a head up for those who don't know.. the Singapore International Photography Festival is here till the end of the month. Yesterday went to see the exhibition at Old School, Mt Sophia Rd. Very nice work.. esp impressed by the work of the GMB Akash on Child Labor, Vee Spears on Birthday Party, and Ko Yamada's on speciment on goodbyes. If you guys have time can go down and take a look
  7. like u said, the discrete digital can never truly reach the continuous analogue spread. The best it can do is to try fill those gap and emulate, to the point that it is 'good enough' for most users. Personally, the full control of post processing is the winning factor for me in digital. If it were film, I would have to do really alot of work in dark room, which I could now in front of my laptop with a few clicks
  8. True though, about the Kodak CCD sensor. Haha not too sure about av98m and firefox. perhaps if they are still reading this thread they would come and say hello ?
  9. Hi fuwen, Still Nikon system, but Fujifilm innard - S5pro ... don't quite have the financial mean to purchase a D700, thought hopefully i could move on to Full Frame in the future. Nothing beats the 'real' view of what 35mm supposed to be, the DOF. The crop is just a compromise. Oh yes, Zeiss is definitely offering a lot of options for people who are still into Manual Focus with their recent Canon EF mount announcement! Equally surprising to me is the announcement of the new Leica S2 system, shows that the German companies might not have lost it completely in the digital arena?
  10. Long time no see! film definitely still has a different kind of feel/look to it! Please share more pics with us fuwen
  11. nowadays i just live with the denon amp and speakers combi, tuning to radio most of the time with occasional blasting of my own music. sometimes just live within your means and as they say, ignorance is bliss.
  12. Thanks rips ! will drop by there soon
  13. wah rips playing with hassle bleed now ! just got a 'new' toy to play with.. f3hp. need to get a MF lens around 20-28mm range .any idea where has good deals (2nd hand)?
  14. nice pics. D300 about 2600 incl. GST from Lords and IIRC MS Color
  15. Some of my fav from Thaipusam 21st & 22nd Jan 2008...
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