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  1. hay i also the same prob.have u got the new one ?
  2. Hay guys have anyone own this ? What is the different of this 2 model. ? I would like to know the woofer Frequency Response range and also its tweeter ?Is it good if a hifi dose not have a midrange driver ? Anyone know the ful detail of it ? Or can recommend other brand ? pls help thanks !!! My Webpage
  3. Hi guys i would like to know from you guys that if compare the IEM of westone and shure let say UM3X with SE530 which is better overall ?
  4. UM3X

    Custom ear piece

    yup...my price range is around 2k~3.5k. so jaban will have all the staff there but i heard that stereo also have ?
  5. UM3X

    Custom ear piece

    So normally how long they take. ?
  6. Hi Guys i need details on any brands that will do custom and i need a very good ear piece that covers full range.
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