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    AKG701,AKG501,DT880,Sennheiser HD650,Grado SR125,ATH-AD700
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    Millett Hybrid Minimax, CrossRoad Edge
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    CD players, FM tuners
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    Aragon 4004, pre and power amp
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    AKG701, Millett Hybrid and my marantz 5400CDP
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    Team AKG
  1. Looking for either one in good physical and working condition Rgd 96301437
  2. Anyone with a 10 ft long DIY or a 3rd party cable set to sell? Pls let me know know the name of wire and price u want to let go. Cheer ! 96301437
  3. Been told recabling would bring abt better sound. DIY is tough for me. Anyone with a pair to spare? Cheer! 96301437
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