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  1. oh man, not my lucky day i guess.. if you don't mind, plese let me know if you order something from amb again
  2. my intention was actually asking for fellow members here who maybe happen to have spare or extra mini3 board..not asking where to get the board from local shop if someone has the amb mini3 pcb, not the one from hohodiy, or alvin (the one with slightly wider pcb), please PM me
  3. sorry if OT.. anybody here has spare amb mini3 pcb? the one from amb, not hohodiy..i figure i'd ask here since buying from amb is quite expensive for building 1 unit only sorry again if i'm out of topic, i don't find it appropriate to make new topic just for asking this
  4. how could you tap digital signal out from an ipod? all i know the only apple product that can tap digital signal is ipad
  5. is this protector balanced xlr available in farnell as well? i can't seem to find it..
  6. @firefox: thanx for the answer contacting team108 now..will report the result later
  7. woww..did you build those faceplates locally? how much does it cost?
  8. hi, sorry for bumping old thread. is mogami 2534 available in SLT or SLS? i wanna buy some..
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