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  1. Hi guys just wanna check, are these amps available for audition in Singapore? And what are their prices locally? 1. Darkvoice 336i 2. the Little Dot MKIII 3. Meier Corda arietta Want to audition them with my DT880's, might be a future upgrade after I save up. Any other tube amps I should know of that has a good synergy with the DT880 600ohm version?
  2. Yea, I'll have to figure out how to remove the pads, stock beyer pads. Most also say soft detergent and warm water. Headband I guess have to buy new one. How long did it take for your headband to get sticky?
  3. LOLZ age should not have anything to do with what you like or love! Well guess I'm not at that age yet, thanks anyway.
  4. The premium look better in my opinion and the fit felt more comfortable, and yes amps are expensive, anyways I went with the DT880 Pro 600Ω +Peak combo...felt like a better deal than getting online, saved me lots of trouble with shipping also. Ya them weird also... without amp so expensive, so might as well get with the amp. No I did not : ( btw Infected mushroom was introduced to me by my friend, I usually just listen to rock and alternative, know of any other good artist in the same genre as Infected mushroom? _____________________________________________________________________________ And in general how you guys keep your headphone? My house located quite close to a busy road so I'm worried if don't store properly dirt might enter the small holes and affect the driver. I currently just put on my table...=.= Also how you clean the headband and ear cup cloth thingy? I applied some cream for the cut on my ear and forgot about it and put on the headphones....now got like some stain and smell...just bought somemore. I also just bought the Essence soundcard from my friend today. How do I setup the soundcard with the amp and the headphone? What gain settings on the soundcard and the amp should I use? The card has 3 modes, Normal Gain (0db for <64ohms), High Gain (+12db 64~300ohm) and very high gain (+18db 300~600ohm). The Peak amp has a high and low gain option.
  5. Hi guys hope you can do me a favor and help me out with my decision. Previously a few months back I tried out the DT880 600Ω and a few other headphones, but the DT880's stood out the most and so I decided to save for it and took on a few part-time jobs during the school holidays. So recently I went to Stereo and Jaben with the intention of buying the 880's but decided to try some others just for fun. But now my little testing session kinda make my choice even harder. I fine the Pro750 ok and the HD598 and DT880 quite similar but still in love with my old fav the DT880's. Also I wanted to check prices so I found out Stereo didn't have the DT880 600Ω version they only had the 32Ω version. And Jaben had 2 flavors!!! the DT880 Pro 600Ω and DT880 Premium 600Ω. I googled around here and there and it seem that there were very little comparisons between those two models and the common topic was that the Pro version of the 880 had more clamping force. I checked Jaben's forum and they are currently having a special for the Pro version plus a GoVibe Peak amp for a total of $458. But their non Pro versions are going for $5XX so it kinda seems like the non Pro versions are better if you look at the price. So now this is where you guru's come in, which is better the DT880 Pro or non Pro? Is it worth to buy the Jaben bundle price or get from B&G ? Also how good is the GoVibe Peak amp? The guy told me it is worth $3XX, can't really remember how much. Just to add my friend will be selling me his Essence STX when his Essence ST/H6 card ships in some time this month.
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