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  1. Naiss!!! time spent and cost?
  2. Not sure about Null Audio But Most important thing about reshelling I suppose would be the impressions I have not received any or heard much complains from ppl who reshelled their IEMs at Unique Melody. Alot From Jaben though. So Get a Good Impression First, The More the drivers the More the Cost, so choose wisely You dont want to get 6 drivers with an improper sealed ear.
  3. Yes this will happen! I used to Use the 3M ear plugs from my work place. Even if you wash or change plugs everyday. eventually there will be a buildup. so unless you clear your ear at least once a week when using plugs regularly try the 3M ear plugs. (3M Ear Plugs are good mods for Ultimate Ears too)
  4. Absolutely agree with this post. Sometimes its just gain problems. But usually if its diy and PCB it could be as simple as a bad solder on the Earphone Jack or the internal of the earphone jack has erroded.
  5. Nice very Nice Feature.
  6. Pretty much Everything seems sold. Is it Possible to leave Behind the Unsold Items and Delete the Sold Items Since They are Already Sold? Easier to see the list.
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