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    I bought the Fiio E11 from Treoo at $79.90, not bad for it's price.
  2. I am actually looking for standalone amps to connect to soundcards, not those with DACs. I have a Fiio E5 but because it runs on internal batteries and if I leave it connected to my PC all the time via USB, the constant charging will wear out the battery in no time. Are there any shops in Singapore that sells standalone budget headphone amps like the one I mentioned earlier?
  3. I found these amps on Amazon but they cannot be shipped to Singapore. Anyone knows where in Singapore can I get any of these? ART HeadAmp4 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp Rolls HA43-Pro 4 Output Stereo Headphone Amplifier Pyle-Pro PHA40 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  4. I have checked with Creative at IBP and Marina Sq, they said they don't carry Emu products anymore. And Amazon and other reputable US sites don't ship to Singapore Do you know where can I get it?
  5. The Fiio E7 is an audio interface and I have something else in mind The Nuforce Icon Mini looks good, where can I get it?
  6. I saw the Earpump Pro, looks good with all the accessories at S$39, did you get to try this as well? Too bad, couldn't find much reviews on this local brand.
  7. Thanks for replying Which DAC do you recommend? When you mentioned DAW, did you mean Digital Audio Workstation? I believe you are referring to software I have Sonar 7 and Reason 5 running on my PC for song arrangements, if that's what you mean
  8. I have the Audio Technica Ath-M50 and Senn HD201 headphones and use them mainly on my PC with the miserable on-board Reaktek sound module. I am looking to upgrade the audio interface to the Creative Emu 0404 USB but have yet to find it. Do I need to get an amplifier to get the better sound quality (volume increase is secondary) from these cans? I don't mind if its portable or desktop amps as long as long as the sound quality is better and it is powered by either USB bus power or AC socket. If amps are necessary to get more juice of the cans, any suggestions on which amp to get? Preferably around S$100 or so. Would be really grateful if you can also provide the price and store location. Thanks
  9. Finally made a trip down to Stereo and bought a pair or M50 and HD201
  10. Yes, I found that Stereo at Plaza Singapura might have them. After reading much reviews, I am now having problems deciding for studio headphones - Audio Technica ATH-M50 or Beyerdynamic DT-235....Besides the obvious price difference, does anyone know the sound quality difference between these two?
  11. This Audio I/F is widely available overseas and on the internet. Tried ordering from Amazon but they don't ship to Singapore. I have been searching high and low everywhere for this but in vain.Had also tired calling Creative HQ in IBP and Marina Square but they don't carry this product locally. Anyone knows which store is selling this item locally? It is so ridiculous that Creative Technology being a Singapore company does not even provide their full range of products locally
  12. Hi everyone, I am so glad to come across this forum. Please bear with me I think I am going to need 2 headphones dedicated to different purposes and need some advice here. I have been using a pair of $19 Philips headphones for a few years and have to upgrade to better ones after learning that the pro ones allows better clarity on sound. I think I have been missing out a lot on sounds and the Philips are quite painful to wear after prolong use. I don't consider myself an audiophile but is learning to become one I transcribe a lot of music (picking out musical notes and chords from songs), so I need something with clarity that allows me to hear the deep details of the music. My cheap Philips are ok with songs with good mix but on most songs, I just hear a mesh of sounds and I need to do a lot of guessing to figure out what was being played. I have also become very interested in computer music production recently, so flat response is an essential criteria. I have done some research and saw a number of options and even a brand called AIAIAI TMA-1 ($299) recommended to me at Valentine Music. Most models are way beyond my limited budget of S$200, I have zoomed down on the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which is selling at Jaben at $199. I hope this will serve me well, unless someone can recommend me something better and cheaper. Next, I also do a lot of movies and gaming but I think studio monitoring headphones with flat response might not be suitable for this purpose and I don't feel like using expensive can on this. I also need it for casual music listening of all genres. So I need something that is comfortable, sounds good with decent soundstaging and fits into my S$100 budget. I saw very good reviews on the Grado SR60i but they are way above my budget due to the studio cans. How about those cheap but nice looking ones from Sonic Gear (X1000?), or some unknown brands above $50 I often see at PC shows? The Sennheiser HD201-203 series look good but I don't know where to get them locally and price. Tried Amazon but they don't ship to Singapore. Any other options? Basically, I will be using both cans at home, so design and portability are not important to me. I just want durable and good sounding headphones for separate studio and general movies/gaming purposes - I am an audiophile wannabe hehehe....I want those full sized circumaural or supra-aural cans, those clip-ons and little earbuds are way too uncomfortable for me. All will be used on my PC and will be great when I get my hands on a good pro audio interface. Thanks for reading this long winded post, I hope to get some advice and recommendations on these. Thanks!
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