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  1. The sad thing is that I can't bring either amp along with me to do a side by side comparison . Like that how I determine which amp I prefer? Oh well. Bo pian
  2. True. if I want to audition both I have to go adelphi for the valhalla, then go dakota mrt to visit mr monsterlim to try out the little dot.
  3. Wah seh every one diff opinions . Skylabs on head-fi said that the valhalla drives the t1 wonderfully, the schiit guys says so as well. One mroe guy at head-fi recommended the valhalla as well. Wish I can audition both amps side by side lol
  4. Hey guys, which tube amp would pair better with the Beyer T1? Schiit Valhalla or the MK IV?
  5. You ordered online? Is there a local dealer for those cables?
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