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    Sennheiser HD600 Ultrasone Pro 900 Westone 3
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    Ray Samuels Emmeline SR71B Ray Samuels Emmeline Predator
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    iPod Classic 160 Cyberlab AlgoRhythm Solo CEC TL51XZ EE Minimax DAC Oppodigital BDP-95 Squeezebox Touch Onkyo NS-D1
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    Cary Audio CPA-1 pre-amp Usher Audio R1.5 power amp
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  1. Albums that you recommend

    If you like Chinese or Tibetan folk songs, you will love this singer, 阿木乃. Her voice is fabulous in this album 爱情买卖. Link: http://www.51ctzs.com/html/320KMP3/fscd/nv/2010/2997.html
  2. Recommendations for headphones?

    A bit off topic. If I were to listen up to 5~6 hours a day from my notebook/computer, I would want to add a Centrance DAC. This is of course add quite a bit more to your budget.
  3. DIY - where to get replacement foam for drivers?

    I have the same problem with my HD600 and have been scouting around but haven't found anything yet.
  4. Audeze LCD-2 is in town

    Are you sure you can tap the digital output from the iPod? There are only a few machines as far as I am aware that can receive digital output from the iPod, the Wadia, Onkyo, iDecco etc. but I never knew the Marantz KI has this feature.
  5. good speaker for PC?

    I am not sure if it is available in Singapore but you can consider the JohnBlue JB3. See http://www.johnblue-audio.com/
  6. iPod to USB DAC

    The product you are looking for is the Cyberlab AlgoRhythm Solo. The only portable DAC in the world made specially to obtain digital output from your iPod.
  7. WTS: Ultrasone Edition 8 **SOLD**

    I assume this is the first version with the shiny finish.