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  1. moderator ..pls del this
  2. selling the above in good condition Schiit Lyr amp selling at $420 bought in Feb2012.... warranty is 5 yrs EE minimax plus selling at $820 bought in feb2012... warranty is 1 yr...so is ending.. preference to sell as a set for Headamp & DAC.. total price for this combo is $1220 All come with stock cables Headphone He300 at $160 .... bought in China during a tour... No warranty sms/whatsapp to 98203907 collection at Serangoon North Ave 4... thanks for viewing
  3. stealer

    cowon x7

    Hi, thinking of getting a Cowon x7. Does anyone know where to get it? - online? which webby? there is a singapore rep but somehow the website does not exist anymore. Any kind soul had experience buying this product,,, pls give a clue>>> thanks and a happy CNY
  4. errh yes, this could be the possible problem but how to explain that the problem go away after 1 am. If it really goes away.
  5. anyone know where to get those LOD connectors which has the wire running out at 90 degree. Whiplash, ALO and Fiio, all have this LOD, however their price is beyond my budget. Thinking of DIY, but just dont know where to get it. Also where is the recommended wirings for this? I would prefer to purchase locally or from some bros here. rgds
  6. Hi, I am intereseted in the wooden type. Pls text me at 98203907 for collection. rgds
  7. Congrats to all owners of LCD2, was wondering the comfort level for extended listening. 1-10, 1 being the most uncomfortable Reason for asking, thinking of getting one after reading the reviews.... but was afraid of the uncomfortable feeling with over the ear cans You see, I own a ATH w1000x and I enjoy listening to it but after 45mins, my jaw line below my ears hurt. rgds
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