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  1. The Shure and Hifiman are sold. IMPORTANT: Can Mr Goh (I hope I remembered your name right) who has already paid me for the hifiman but have not collected it yet, please contact me at 97871929 as I have replaced my old phone (it died) and no longer have our original SMS thread. Unfortunately I also do not know your sgheadphones nickname.
  2. Shure SE535 - $300 hifiman hm-602 (comes with 8GB SD card) - $300 both are nearly 2 years old, in perfect cosmetic and working condition. complete with boxes. Call or sms 97871929. As the prices are already very fair, I will be ignoring lower offers. Thanks for understanding. Will prefer to deal in the clementi mall/clementi mrt area.
  3. Hmm..been a while since I've been here. Tropicalrips, your pictures rock! Some from me:
  4. Time for Ben to raid your lens cabinet Rameish? P.S. I may need to borrow a lens from you. Call you this weekend.
  5. SOLD! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest
  6. old article that might be of some interest power
  7. Mackie, then I must have been listening to really bad vinyl setups all this time, even with present day LPs. Maybe their owners did not clean them?
  8. See, thats why they call it LP CD!!!! Apologies to the vinyl crowd
  9. Some comments on the Oppo dvd player. My Rotel cdp's transport died recently (when it rains it really pours) so I was quite literally forced to use the Oppo for 2 channel audio as well. It sounds pretty decent, much to my suprise. Most dvd players, including my previous pioneer, sound pretty horrible/artificial for 2 channel audio. The Oppo is quite listenable. Not as good as my recently deceased Rotel, but very close. Human voices at least sound like human voices, and instruments sound realistic, which is more than what I can say of other dvd players I've heard. I think the people who commented that it sounds as good as the Marantz SA-11 are on drugs. I still stand by my earlier recommendation that one should buy this player ONLY if you are using it for DVD playback as well. As an all in one player for $299, its a no brainer. For redbook playback only, you have other options in the form of used players or entry level players from Marantz, Nad, Rotel, Arcam etc. There are some places offering expensive and not so expensive mods for the Oppo. My opinion is that they should be avoided. At the end of the day the Oppo is a cheap player using a very cheap transport unit. Spending that kind of $$$ will defeat the purpose of buying the player, which is to get decent multi-format/dvd playback at an affordable price.
  10. av98m


    So is the G1000 that great? At Headfi they claimed it was a rediscovery of classical music, or something like that. I can say that yes the GS1K is good for the classical music. It difference from the others Grado range. For whose heavy metal gene, you have a very good HP amp to control the “Bass†of the GS1k or else it very fuzz... So which amp works better with the gs1k? the toaster or the ps audio?
  11. All things being equal, that's usually the case. That's why I advise against it unless you are going to use it as a dvd player as well. P.S. word of caution on the ts lim modded players, they do sound good but bear in mind you are buying a very old cd player(probably with multiple owners in its history and) with a lot of wear and tear already. The modded cd67(which I used to own) sounds slightly better than the modded cd63. The difference is more noticable when playing the fast and heavy stuff like rock/metal. For the same money, you might want to consider a brand new Nad, Rotel, or Arcam player. Or a Marantz as well. Besides the Oppo, you might want to try out the Usher cd player at X-Audio too. It's pretty decent. Bear in mind that long term reliability and parts availability are just as important, if not more, than sound quality.
  12. For the Oppo, I suggest you buy it only if you're actually going to use it for DVD playback as well. If not you might be wasting your money. I purchased one because I needed a new dvd player capable of playing divx videos. Haven't actually had the chance to evaluate its performance audio-wise, because my headphone amp is away. It sounded decent when I heard it at X-Audio though.
  13. av98m


    Didn't you already buy a GS1000? Or did Todd ship it to you without a box?
  14. av98m


    With. Shell acts as storage compartment.
  15. av98m


    Now where did I put my black ninja costume? hmmm.......
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