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  1. jojomite

    WTA/WTB: ViaBlue 3.5mm Stereo Phono Plug

    audio iconic
  2. jojomite

    my diys

    have u tried making jena ultra wire into iem cable?
  3. jojomite

    jena cables

    can someone explain what's the difference between 18 and 22 awg?
  4. jojomite

    Where to buy self soldered usb jack?

    audio iconic carries viablue i think
  5. jojomite

    One of my best work..

    nice! what cable did u use to make this?
  6. jojomite

    My works with cmoy amps

    have u tried building the 02 amp?
  7. jojomite

    Sourcing for Grado parts

    has anyone tried ordering from marty? i was considering ordering a pair from him with some magnum v4s
  8. jojomite

    Mod for grado headband?

    cool, sounds like a great idea!
  9. jojomite

    Recommendations for headphones?

    fostex t50rp? its a gr8 headphone for the price and can be modded/upgraded for the future!
  10. jojomite

    Edifier buy Stax

    its for real
  11. jojomite


    any pics?
  12. jojomite

    Sennheiser HD700 Pic

    looks interesting!