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  1. I am looking forward to buy JBL 7.1 speakers for my Music room, does anyone has idea of the price and if something is better on dice just do let me know. I don't want to compromise with the gadget. Adult Degree Completion
  2. Pop Legend left the memories of beautiful songs and experience which everyone must have in there mind like me listening to which i grew up in my life. RIP Micheal Jackson. We love you. Adult Degree Completion
  3. Out of this 50 great band. Led Zepplin is the master of all. They are the father of progressive rock from my point of view. Whole lotta love, Immigrant Song all this are like magic spell for music lovers. Degree Completion
  4. Only song which make me little sad and where i feel like to cry is "Snuff" by Slipknot. Adult Degree Completion
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