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  1. Has anyone used an Yamamoto headamp with AKG here ? How do they match up ?
  2. Went to Jaben Network yesterday, heard the following: 1. AKG K702 2. Senn HD600 3. Beyer DT880 4. ATH W1000X 5. Denon 2000 6. Denon 7000 7. Sony MDR-Z1000 AKG was my first choice before I started this shoot out and it also ended up being my final choice as well. The only other headphone I really liked and should I say more than AKG was the Denon 7000 but it demanded very good amplification and was also way out of my budget. I bought the Q701 finally. BTW, can anyone tell me what is the difference between K702 and Q701 ? Jaben guys are ready let me have their 702 as well. I did not try to compare 702 and Q701 because 701 was fresh out of the box and 702 was their demo model fully burnt in. 701 still did sound a little more refined to me though a little dark as well.
  3. I know and understand your concern. I am trying hard to resolve that issue but it is difficult and in some ways I am okay with it. I am okay because I will be a buying a complete TT setup at a time (TT, cart. tonearm and phono) so if I like a particular setup I can actually buy the whole thing. Mix and matching is fun and also rather logical for an audiophile but I am an entire newbie in analog so I prefer not to go that route right at the beginning. So my headphone should allow me to listen to the potential of the TT setup at least.
  4. Well I do not like the presentation of the Senns. They have a sound which tries to impress too much. I find it fatiguing for that reason on longer listen. I admit that my exposure to HD800 is not much but I have spent a lot of time with HD650. I know all these headphones are revealing enough for my purpose but they will not stay with me long enough. I just want to know if we have any other options apart from the usual suspects. I dont follow headphones because I am not a headphone guy. Since I am staying in a shared accomodation at present I can only use a headphone for sometime now. So, if I do get a K701 which amps should I consider in about $500 and why ? So, if I do get the K701, which amp should I consider in about $500 range ?
  5. Friends, I have just relocated from India and starting to setup a system here. My system will not be a headphone setup but rather a traditional speaker + amp setup. But I have decided that I will first buy a kick-ass TT and then build my rest of the system around it. But as I am going around listening to various TTs I am really finding it difficult to listen to the actual TT character because all the showrooms have different speakers and amp combos and I am unable to figure out many a times which TT is actually better. So I want to carry a headphone and headamp with me to these showrooms and do my listening through the headphone also so that I have a common frame of reference. So, I want to buy a headphone which is neutral, because it has to tell me truth as in which TT sounds like what and secondly it should be as full range as possible so that I can also guage the extension of the TTs. Before I say my budget I would like to declare that I do not like Sennheiser, Grado or Beyerdynamic . I have heard all the top models of these headphones, they are nice but I cannot take their sound for a longer time. I had in my mind AKG 701. How is AKG for my purpose and are there options that I should consider ? My budget is around $500 for the headphone. I also need a suggestion for a decent head amp to go with it. Again another $500 for it. Please shoot.
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