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  1. theres just to many to choose from!!!!! think ill start up my own headphone company....would be easier to choose then LOL
  2. hmmmm ill give them a proper look but they are MASSIVE tho!!!!!
  3. naaa not a fan of them....have you seen the XB1000's daaamn lol thinking just to get the mdr-7520's
  4. oh okok im still doing some research and my mind is spinning about how many phones there are on the market ill give the Vmoda LP a look!!!
  5. hey guys. im new to this site so be nice im looking to get a pair of headphones that will be good to listen to hiphop and dubstep. ive got the sony MDR-V700's for 3yrs now and loving them but i want a change and something with abit MORE bass! my budget is up to £400 ive been looking at beyerdynamics and audio technicas...what do you guys think????
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