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  1. As the title suggest best headphones it the world for me it has to be the STAX SR009 in my mind are the best I have heard with a woo audio wa22.
  2. STAX SR009 are possibly the best in the world, however it is exceptionally subjective.
  3. How much can you spend? You could purchase the Arcam rDACkw and stream from their rWave dongle. Trouble is no 24/192. :-(
  4. Personally I would use the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2D but this guy used the Yulong D100 and wrote a pretty good review too http://forum.head-room.co.uk/topic/28-akg-q701-review/
  5. Just wanted to let you know that Sennheiser have announced a £499 set of headphones called the IE800 and a headphone amplifier called the HDVD800 which should cost about 1500EUR. More....
  6. Hi all, i'm new here so just wished to say hi and hope I can help a few people out here. Just as a little tip I just managed to upgrade my Senny IE8's to IE8i's by buying their IE8i cable and fitting it to my IE8's. It fits perfectly and although the connectors are a slightly different colour having use of the mic an controls is ideal. I had it sent from the UK and it arrived in about a week. http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/sennheiser-r...re-inc-mic.html I hope this may help for those wanting to use their IE8's on their iPhones.
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