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  1. Bring it to Tat Chuan Acoustics at Adelphi with your receipt hopefully one to one exchange...Good luck.
  2. If not sold by 21Nov will sms u to deal...am overseas now.
  3. Try SONY....the world band radio.....
  4. Try this,, Please take note of the change of service centre for TDK. =) The new address is as follow: New Venture 151 Lorong Chuan #02-02 New Tech Park, Lobby B Imation Singapore Pte Ltd Phone: 6499 7199
  5. Hi Everyone..have anyone tried or bought the Klipsch M40.... Ive got the 1st batch and it seems there are some problem with the sound. It sounded muffled and when I turn on the noice cancelling the sound became very loud and harsh.. Ive sent back to Tat Chuan last month and so far no news from them as I wanted to try out the 2nd batch...It seems all the Ist batch sounded like this( when I tried to exchange for a new one) Thanks
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