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  1. i got most of my analog stuff from Camera Hospital
  2. thanks i shot the first 2 photos under expose by about 2 stops, then bring up the level selectively in PS the Hasselblad photo was shot with a D3 (test camera) SB800 firing in master and commander mode, 2 SB-R200 (nikon ring flash) as fill-in
  3. i miss this tread... it has become so big now some of my more recent shots this is my new toy now... koh
  4. here are the photos of the headphone the inside of one of the sponge is starting to tear, you can see the yellow sponge inside but the covering is still in good condition i also hav the original hanging bracket, but no more box koh
  5. selling my HD 595 due to lack of use about 3 years old good condition may need to replace sponge on one side price: S$220 will post photos later email me at : tropicalrips@opermail.com
  6. very nice composition blues i like #4 & #5 something for the headphone lovers here
  7. the silky water is very cool blues very nice comp i like the wide angles
  8. playing around with some new lights and backdrop
  9. nice photos from Sentosa Flowers nakedtoes this was my from last year's event i think some here hav seen this before Leica M3 portraits
  10. very nice series of photos blues your pics take forever to load #7 is my favorite very nice lighting and mood captured are the square photo taken on medium format film?
  11. 1) Hasselblad 503CW 2) someone to sponsor the blad for me
  12. thanks Qoo i used the spatter filter for the effect on the top right selectively on the wall also added a green cast and some level and contrast adjustments you can get just about any girl to look like they hav cute big eyes just need them to tilt their head the right way
  13. i think you guys will like this series
  14. here's what my Rolleiflex looks like i think its over 40 years old a wide angle shot with the D2x, Tokina 12-24mm lens bring out those cameras for a spin guys got to keep this tread alive
  15. some newer photos merge from 4 views of the same photo shot on a Rolleiflex : D2x with Sigma 28mm :
  16. thanks guys no IR filter was used the second and third pic shot in a cemetry second pic was over exposed cause the lens aperture blades stuck at full opening and some of the leafs lost their "green coloring" i use a color shift filter in PS to get the redish tones this was how its surpose to look this was shot just beofre the second pic with the standard 80mm lens the over exposed photo was with a 150mm something shot with a Bronica SQ-A also on loan, 80mm lens
  17. has been a while since i was last here D2x with 35mm manual lens below photo shot with a Mamiya 645 Pro TL on loan from a fren and somthing from my own Rollieflex
  18. so quiet here... shot this for the Sentosa Flower photo contest
  19. thanks guys now i'm into manual film cameras chinatown Petri 7s
  20. be careful when buying this camera N@Z lots of tourist get con into paying USD$300-$400 here in singapore, this is the "lobang" camera cause it works and looks like a video camera acutal price is about S$400+
  21. D70 is like "work" and film is fun my 80-200 also works the FM3a blues my D70 is now in "hospital" sent in for viewfinder cleaning and general check after hitting 11,000 on shutter count now i'm shooting 100% film, i like the discipline of a manual film camera...also thinking F5 or F6 if the price is right
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