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  1. Got my set last week, so far burned in for only around 70+ hours. As per the usual complain, the isolation is quite bad which imho defeated the purpose of having an IEM for outdoor/ on the move usage. The soundstage is wide (without the usual in your head feel), with good detail and separation, but it's a tad bright and could be mildly fatiguing (your mileage might differ). The bass tighten up a bit after burning. Initially it was quite loose and irritating. Its forte is in instrumental and classical music. Vocal performance is slightly above average. For pop and rock music, the earphone does not have the snap. Got the comply T400 (as recommended by Stereo at PS) today. While the isolation improved, the soundstage got much narrower., and I felt some detail and separation were lost. The bass got heavier, but feels abit muddied. All this is expected with the improved isolation i guess. It's a trade off. For outdoor usage I would prefer the T400, due to the ability to use a lower volume, but if I'm in a quiet environment I would prefer the original tip. Overall for its price, the Astello is an above decent pair of earphones, but note that many of its strengths are lost when used outdoor on the move (which is my pet peeve). Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are my own, and your experience might differ due to our individual preferences. Cheers
  2. hi may i know which shure tips are you using? thanks
  3. Anyone knows if the Grado SR60i or SR80i is available in Singapore, and the price if possible (been away from headphones for years). Thanks
  4. Bro, like to check when will the items arrive. Thanks
  5. 1) NCMK OK2 X 1 2) Dennis28288 OK2 X1 3) kenshinz PK1 X1
  6. Hi all, found someone to take over. zbwu is 2nd in line if original buyer backs out. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, selling a pair of KSC75 from the previous MO Newbie123 conducted. Got 2 sets from it as my friend wanted one, but played me out in the end. I've not collected from him as I'm busy this week. If anyone is interested please PM me. Thanks
  8. 1. poyo 2. redalf 3. redalf 4. redalf 5. Newbie123 6. kenshinz 7. kenshinz 8.
  9. SR60 reserved pending collection
  10. Ongkmeng: PM sent, please revert Still available at $60 self collect Tampines.
  11. will let go at $60, self collect at tampines
  12. thanks have an offer for $60, but can only deal next month, any faster offers?
  13. Upz, price slightly negotiable
  14. Round 1.5 years Grado SR60 for sale. In very good condition. Have been kept un-used in cupboard for the past 7 mths or so due to lack of time. Going for $70. Self collect Tampines over weekend. Interested parties pls PM me thanks.
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