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    senn 600, at w1000,stax 404's
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    mg head otl,mg head otl mkII,kgss,stax 006t
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    nad C421i,sony dvp s550d,sony ns500v,pioneer vsx-26tx thx receiver,pioneer cld s201
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    pioneer dolby headphone dir1000c
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    rega planet>siltech ics>kgss>stax 404s

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    got a room to rent?
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    naked women<br>harley davidson motorcycles<br>expensive mountain and road bicycles<br>vast right wing conspiracy<br>ann coulter<br>radiohead<br>fighting the beast
  1. just thought id pop in and say "hello" to you guys here. its been a long time, hope everyone has a good year. hoges
  2. if you don't take the stax, i'd be happy to have another pair in my arsenal!
  3. when it comes to stewed prunes, are three enough? are four too many?
  4. right now my main system would be rega planet>outlaw pcas>kgss>stax 404's i don't think it'll get much better anytime soon!
  5. jonny greenwood "bodysong" yes it's a soundtrack, but i'd say you can feel the radiohead influence in there and i love radiohead thus the recommendation!
  6. some of you may know me from headwize and headfi, some of you may not, but here's my official hello as a new member of this forum!!!
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