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  1. Asking price: S$100.00 I've been using this wonderful DAP from FiiO for half a year. This is a great entry product for anyone who is looking for something to start with. It is in perfect working order. I purchased this from Treoo at S$169.00. Aside from a couple of small scratches, it is in 9/10 condition. Warranty is until January 2016. I highly recommend getting a FiiO amp to pair, such as the FiiO E12. I am using the FiiO E12DIY myself. Included are: - FiiO X1 Silver - (Retail: S$159.00) - Official Box with Screen Protector - Warranty card (purchased January 2015) - MicroUSB charger SMS/WhatsApp me at 8161 4502. Thanks!
  2. Asking price: S$150.00 This amazing product followed me for almost 2 years. I highly recommend it to those looking to enter the audiophile market. This product is difficult to find on the market as it has been discontinued by Cowon. It is in perfect working order. I had invested in a casing and screen protector which have kept the product in 8.5/10 condition. There are some scratches at where the changing port is. Included are: - Cowon J3 (16GB Black) - (Retail: S$250.00) - Ringke BLACK Casing - (Retail: S$12.99) - REALOOK Cowon J3 Premium Screen Protector Crystal Clear - (Retail: S$11.99) - Cowon Battery Charger Cable I have included some music so you can test Cowon's proprietary BBE feature. Cowon accepts additional x1 MicroSD storage. SMS/WhatsApp me at 8161 4502. Thanks!
  3. [WTS] FiiO E12 Mont Blanc @ $130. Purchased in Jan/2015. Image of my current setup: http://imgur.com/fQ7SROU Powerful enough to drive full-sized headphones. +6db bass boost. Crossfeed feature. Sleek design - one of the best designed amps in my opinion. Fits into slim pockets. Easily paired with phones. Contact me at +6581614502 Official reviews: Head-fi: http://www.head-fi.o...-e12-mont-blanc Headphone.com: http://www.headphone...-e12-mont-blanc Video review: HeadphoneReviewHQ:
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