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  1. Hi 1. Selling my Beyerdynamic T90 headphone for $500. This is bought in Aug 2014 with 2 years warranty. I will provide a scanned receipt which is sufficient to claim warranty. 2. Value for money. Lazada is selling closed to $800 new. http://www.lazada.sg...ones-90588.html This headphone got excellent reviews. http://www.kenrockwe...o/beyer/t90.htm http://www.headphone...mic-t90-review/ 3. SM/Whatsapp 9627 Four-Thee-51 to find out more.
  2. WTS for $550. Bought from Jaben Aug last year, so bout 10-11 mths warranty left. Softcopy o receipt, which I sufficient to claim warranty I available. Original receipt lost. This headphone has excellent review. Chck out Kenrockwell. Price is UD639 in amazon when I last checked a few days back.. Please SMS/Whatsapp 96274351 to find out more.
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